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I have a couple!

  • Held on to some credit card debt month-to-month. I should've budgeted better. But they are almost all paid off!
  • I have another loan that I'm not paying off as fast as I'd like. Again, should've just budgeted a couple hundred a month to pay it off. Goal is to be rid of it by the end of 2022.

Overall, I need to eat out/order delivery a lot less in 2022 and stick to a monthly budget, including putting a set amount each month towards retirement and an emergency fund.

I'd also like to have some extra money for some upcoming home renovations and a vacation fund. Not sure I can swing all of it in 2022, but here's to trying!

I shouldn't have sold some assets. For example, SHIB I sold when it tripled, but if I had held I'd be a little better off currently. BTC I shouldn't have sold when it started dipping from $60K.

And I should have sold some other assets. For example, a lot of options I was optimistic about when they went up a few hundred percent. But I should have just taken profits instead. Reason's because as time decays the option and the option's close to expiry, what was once a very lucrative return is now like -90%.

Going forward: I'll take profits on assets that are a ticking timebomb, and HODL on things that will never expire / if the risk isn't too high.


I've had the "eating out" discussion with my wife on several occassions. We are empy nesters and have been for about 4 years now. It is so easy to just go out and grab a bite. Not to mention we are both social people who like good conversation over a meal. But the money we've spent on dining could easily go to a very nice vacation or buying a new car. Those kind of goals would keep us both in check when we want splurge. Thanks for the reminder Will.

Angie I don't firmly understand the language of buying and trading stocks, but I need to learn. I hope your investment decisions are better for you in 22!'

I'm pretty happy with the amount of money I saved/invested this year.

But my 2022 financial resolution is clear: NO MORE FOOD DELIVERY APPS!

I started using an app called TrueBill to track my spending/saving habits. I was absolutely horrified to learn that over the last two years, I spent $2,247 on Uber Eats.


Dining out is bad enough. But food delivery apps are an absolute money suck. You pay a higher price and don't even get the nice experience of eating out with friends/family or being waited on at a restaurant.

It's not only bad for your wallet — it ain't great for your waistline either.

I'm going to try my hardest in 2022 to stop this nasty habit. I was so embarrassed to learn how much money I've wasted, especially since I write about personal finance for The Penny Hoarder!

Still, the first step is admitting there's a problem, right? I'm really happy to see so many people on this thread setting goals, with their eyes wide open about what they can improve next year. Good luck to everyone!

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