I have found some great apps to help pay down my student loans and they send the money direct to the loan co. for you. Some of the apps also allow you to list credit card debt and auto loans too. They each charge a small processing fee each month but it is worth it. I have an iPhone so I'm not sure if these apps are also offered on the Android platform but their website will tell you.

Chipper - newest app to the market offers ways to make extra payments besides the spare change round-ups. https://www.chipper.app/

Qoins - round-ups for spare change and smart savings every few days for a few extra dollars. https://qoins.app/

Snowball - rounds-up for spare change and they send out a payment twice a month. https://savethesnowball.com/

Changed - rounds-ups of spare change but you need to wait until you have $100 accumulated in the app which could take a few months and interest accrues daily so this app doesn't interest me (no pun intended). https://www.gochanged.com/

Since I use a separate bank for my bills and a separate bank for my spending, I have 2 of these apps rounding up spare change from my bills account and 1 app rounding up spare change from my spending account. 

I truly hope you check these apps out and they help you pay off your debt faster!



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Hi KellyfromKeene: My favorite spare change app is "Qoins". They round up your spare change or you can have them do the Smart Savings where they pull a few dollars out each day to put towards the debt. Also, if you have a transaction that is an even amount like "$10", they do a $1 round up since there isn't any spare change on an even transaction amount and you can turn that feature off if you like. 

Hi Tiffany Connors: I sign up for 2 different apps and they both take the spare change from my bank account that I use for Bills. Then I have a different app I have signed up with taking spare change from another bank account I use only for Spending.

Hi Maureen,

The round ups are calculated and come from the checking account which is connected to your debit card. Some of the apps I mentioned allow you to list your credit card debt account and the rounds ups from the checking account accumulate to have those payment amounts sent to pay down your credit card debt. I don't do round ups from credit card transaction only debit card transactions but you might need to look into the details for each app to see if they allow credit card round ups.

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