Has anyone used this budgeting method before? 

How have you (if you've done it) or how would you alter it to work for you? 

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This is the first time I have heard about this type of budgeting but it makes a lot of sense.

For a lot of people, it can be a struggle to know what to do when there is extra money somewhere and a lot of times, that money can get spent frivolously.

This type of budgeting method seems like it would be very helpful in eliminating this issue.

get a walmart/American express prepaid card. cost nothing to replenish , and only 5 bux to open , it is accepted a lot of places. and you can put your extra money there ( no cost ) at walmart finance center , 24/7 also if you have a job you can have salary deposited there . from there you can make allotments to savings as well. 

Yes, and I honestly find $0 based budgeting to be challenging. I need a little more wiggle room. I did, however, spend a few months (not in a row!) tracking every penny that was spent and it was the most helpful thing I could have done for my finances. I was able to do this because it was time limited. I could not have successfully done a $0 based budget month after month although it is a great tool to get things 'under control'. 

it is called " BLUE BIRD by Am EX.  to the best of my knowledge it is still available , my daughter started using it  to build a credit history once done with school.  she now banks with our credit union, and is doing well. it is not accepted EVERYWHERE, but she does most of her "paying " online and not had any trouble .

I do the ZERO Balance budget every MONTH. What ever is "left over " goes straight into an interest paying savings account. ( 0,15 %) ha ha ha ha. SHOULD i have un-expected bills i can go there and get things paid for . To leave " extra money" in the account is too dangerous , i may spend it on " stupid " stuff. LOL . However for entertainment value ( everyone needs entertainment and fun), I do have a separate " budget for stupid stuff " LOL.( 10 bux per payday, biweekly for me ) so 20 bux a month OR 240 bux a year. for winter or summer clothes or stupid stuff !!

Zero based budgeting can be challenging.  I have built a buffer into my checking account of $100.  That $100 is $0 for me.  I don't spend it normally.  It is there to protect me from accidental subtraction errors or I forgot to record a utility coming out, etc.  Keeps me from ever accidentally overdrawing the account.

I LOVE zero based budgeting! I get paid bi-weekly and the night before payday I fill in my spreadsheet for the next two weeks.  It's basically set up like a check register. I start with my paycheck amount, and subtract EVERYTHING that I know I'll spend in the next two weeks, bills, savings, gasoline, sinking funds, taxes groceries, entertainment...everything, until it reaches zero. I even know how much I budget for gasoline for the two weeks and when I go for gas I put in half that much this week and see if it's possible to spend less next week before payday. As my pay period progresses I highlight the true amounts as I spend.  ANYTHING that's leftover on the next payday gets transferred to my designated savings account!

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