hello i am hear just been busy dealing with my daughter  this virus thing has gotten me freaking out   like anxiety stuff i been praying  keeping my faith , thank you Penny Hoarder for thinking of me  we are all in this together my husband has been very upset about having to wear a mask now, we live in sunny florida . never thought our country could be in such a turmoil we stay home . go shoping , go to doc appointments  come straight home i dont beleave in life style, any more we take things for granted. . i truely appreciate my house, thank god , we own it free and clear  many years ago  since my mom died. thank you for checking in  love  penny hoarder . god bless  be blessed , stay home save a life .........

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Thank you for being safe in Florida. So many people are in the ‘I really don’t care’ stage.  Usually that stage name involves a few more cuss words on my part

My sister died of covid and she was the sweetest person you would know. 

Take care


So sorry to hear about your sister! I understand that people are antsy being stuck at home and having to wear a face mask when you go out. It's a pain but very necessary!! We only go out when we have to and always wear a face mask when in public. We're seniors and my husband has heart condition and is cancer survivor so have to be very careful.

Everyone be safe. Our cousin had the coronavirus and lived. We know people that have died. Wearing a mask is an important part of keeping people safe. My surrogate daughter is an RN at Emory and was assigned to the Covid-19 floor. She still wears a mask. My husband is a trucker, and he wears a mask and has gloves. A mask is a small price to pay to stop this deadly virus!

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