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Hello and welcome to the new Penny Hoarder Community! My name is Briana, a Social Media & Community Strategist at The Penny Hoarder. I'm in the process of paying off credit card debt and establishing a healthy relationship with my finances. I'm also saving for a long-awaited trip to Greece next year! 

I enjoy reading up on building communities, LOTR marathons, ocean conservation efforts (such as volunteering), and playing with my puppy Thor. 

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Hey there! My name is Melissa. I'm a Community Relations Specialist at The Penny Hoarder. My primary financial goal is to pay off my credit cards!! Credit cards can be amazing but they make it so stinking easy to over spend. A follow up goal of mine, is to track my spending on paper each month and stick to a limit. This way I'll remember each credit card swipe and hopefully I won't rack up credit card debt like this again! 

Hello all,

So glad to be here.  I am presently a full time employee as well as an entrepreneur working with network marketing.  My goal is to gain financial freedom from bills and be able to get finances in order so I can afford to do things I'd like to do from remodeling my home to traveling.  So I am here to learn better financial habits and ideas that will help me accomplish my goals.  I am also here to help others as well with issues I have knowledge about.

Nathan Taylor posted:

Hey Nicole how do you plan on becoming financially free?  Do you have a coach or a community that is not online to keep you accountable?  Do you have the tools needed to make your dreams and goals come true?  

Hi Nathan,

Do you have any suggestions of apps or tools?  So far, I keep accountable to my family & bank account. 

My situation is a little different.....I used to work in the financial industry actually.  I'm a SAHM because I have a son with medical needs.  Like most parents, I will spend any money it takes for my son to be healthy & happy.  So our lives detour but we were still able to get lots of trips in last year as well as the unexpected 3 weeks hospital stay without incurring any debt or dipping into retirement savings.  

Hi Fellow Hoarders of Pennies! My name is Ray Taylor Tetreault. I'm a retired savvy senior shopper (and saver) in the Cleveland Ohio area. I've been a "conversation starter" on Facebook's Penny Hoarder Community for a while and really enjoy communicating with like-minded individuals. My wife and I have recently become (almost) debt-free with the exception of paying our car in a few months and a five year plan to rid our mortgage. I have a huge database of tips, tricks, treats, tweaks and tools to present to you. Take what you need and leave the rest... there are no one-size-fits-all plans. Looking for resources? Hit me up! The only dumb questions are the ones that are not asked. With THAT said... let's chat!!!


I'm new here. We just scaled our house down. Moved from a house
that was 2100 square feet up and down in the basement and a hough
lot to a little over 1,000 square feet. The house is only 703 square feet
We will own this in 10 years instead of 30 years. Next year we will be down
to 2 kids hubby and myself and 2 my be 3 dogs. 

I'm looking to pay my credit cards off and my home. 
I'm disabled and so my husband. I'm his care taker and i do get paid
for this. But looking for some side hustles to help pay bills and debt 
off faster.

I'm looking forward to learning from this site. 


I have been an avid follower of the Penny Hoarder Facebook group for many years and have tried quite a few of the suggestions posted. From no spend months, cell phone plans that are less expensive than name brand national carriers, to robo investing options. I am a 40 something mom who will have a college freshman next fall and am looking forward to suggestions/posts. I work full time (Accountant) so am good with money,  but really enjoy all of the ways people have found to save! 

Hello, everyone.  I'm Jana.   I'm a brand new blogger.  I have a money-saving blog with discussions and resources on how to save money by getting freebies and winning prizes online.   I've saved so much money doing this, and love to share how with others.  My financial goals are aimed at being able to reduce my work hours (at my 'outside' full-time job) in 2019 and to be able to quit that full-time job in the future.  

Hey Everyone! My name is Janet Davis on FB. Mslovemovies on Instagram and LinkedIn & A few other sites. I had my own tv talk show in Detroit, Mi. I moved to Ohio and have recently graduated from Ohio Media School 12/17/2018. Then I became an Entrepreneur and I am the proud owner of An Online Beauty Supply Store.

Hopefully thru sales this will help me to pay off my student loans. I've got my credit score from 540 to almost 700. I am so proud of that. I am currently trying to understand how to self publish my 1st book. And just going with the flow of opportunities that are coming my way. I am successful is my motto! I am so happy to be here! Thank u!

Nicole posted:
Nathan Taylor posted:

Hey Nicole how do you plan on becoming financially free?  Do you have a coach or a community that is not online to keep you accountable?  Do you have the tools needed to make your dreams and goals come true?  

Hi Nathan,

Do you have any suggestions of apps or tools?  So far, I keep accountable to my family & bank account. 

Understandable yes I can help you with your action plan.   


Great website but may I state that hope is not a strategy.  How do you plan on driving traffic to your site?  What is your goal to get rid of your debt?  What is the timeline for creating your book?  All great things you are stating in your postl.  Your site is really good you have a great niche.  Just wondering if you need help getting your website off the ground with some money.  Let me know if you want to connect and discuss an action plan to make things happen for you.

Tasa posted:

Hi, everyone. My name is Tasa. I've followed the Facebook group for a while now, although I don't post that much. I'm in between jobs at the moment, so my current financial goals are surviving my unemployment without going into debt and getting my finances stable again.

I hear you Tasa, and I know exactly where you're coming from. Whether my advice will work for you I cannot guarantee. But because this is a free method to generate some cash on the side, perhaps something that may come in handy? 

In fact, it is the only free method that I know for sure actually work. It involves publishing your knowledge in the form of an eBook at absolutely no cost to you. And regardless of how minute you may consider your knowledge to be. Remember that somewhere, someone is struggling to do what you have already mastered. 

You may want to check out the publisher called BookRix. A free publisher that will publish your work in all major online bookstores. Like Amazon, Kobo and Google Play to mention but a few. The will however take 30% of your online book sales to cover publishing costs. Which means you still get 70% of all sales. 

Hope this helps, because it helped me in the beginning to cover online costs like hosting for instance. 

Jules posted:

Hey everyone! I'm an SEO Specialist for The Penny Hoarder. I'm currently working to pay off some credit card debt, and I'm very excited to join you all on this journey!

As an SEO specialist at the Penny Hoarder, allow me to say "Outstanding Job!". I would be over the Moon if my blog could be 10% as popular with regard to search traffic. 

Hi everyone my name is Lea and I am new to Penny hoarder.  I have recently started my hand at running an online business actually an online thrift and craft store. I am working hard at being able to.make a living using my passion and things that bring me joy, make  Thank you for bringing me into your community I have a feeling it's just where I need to be.

Hi, I'm Average Joe. My wife and I are nearing retirement age (within the next 10-15 years). We need to rebuild what two companies have destroyed so we can possibly retire by 70. I'm disabled, and my wife is working. We just want to be able to live, even if below our means. We've done that most of our married life. We've got 15 years on our home to pay and 3 years on our car. We just want to be financially free!


Hi all! I am really enjoying being a part of this great community of people coming together to help each other navigate the huge topic of finances. My name is Jon Moore, I am 23 years old and I just got married in July 2018. My wife and I have a little bit of credit card debt to pay off (3 months is the goal) and then a car loan. I have recently been reading a lot of books about personal finances and learning principles such as paying yourself first, living below your means, investing in assets and getting rid of liabilities, and good debt vs. bad debt. Although I wish I had started sooner, I am trying to get my finances in order as quickly as possible so I will be able to have the financial freedom to live life to the fullest and help others along the way. I am also starting a blog where I will share the things I am learning and hopefully be of assistance to others on their financial journey.

Moore Income, glad you're starting early. We did, and we kept on for a couple of years. Then family emergencies, moving, long distance trips that had to be made, ate up everything. We also worked for some businesses that didn't quite make the grade in honesty and integrity and lost our shirts. Stock prices went down and they kept investing our 401K's in these stocks and before we could move them, they were practically non-existent. Live and learn. We're near the retirement age now and learned a lot,  have little set back. It's been almost like starting again. But...that's life. Nobody promises a rose garden. But, for those who are smart, they will start early and put their money in something sure like Certificates of Deposits, real estate and gold and silver...not the paper kind...tangible gold and silver and precious metals.


Hello everyone! My name is Sonya and I live with my 3 sons out west in Colorado. Im a massage therapist and a widow. I am always looking into ways to possibly save some money or get a good deal. I have really enjoyed alot of articles on this site. Look forward to meeting new people and learning more!

Hi, I’ve followed Penny Horder for quite a while and have learned new way to save and be smart about money. We are a year away from retiring and 2 yrs ago downsized to a condo, sold a lot of “stuff” our adult kids didn’t want , it has been a good move. We have a small mortgage and car payment and aside from regular living expenses are ok. Still not working full time and managing retirement is daunting to think about so being here is a great place to learn . I also have told my adult 3 kids who have frequent money management concerns to join as I know there is so much great help here.

Hi name is Stephanie, single mom from milwaukee Wisconsin trying to get out of debt, stop living pay check to paycheck, go back to school for IT (not sure exactly which specifically but I am a total tech nerd) or find a new career making more money than I do as a hairstylist. (Which now I’m in debt $20k after going to school for 1 1/2 years) 


My name is Mark. I am currently only working part-time. I was laid off from my full-time job two months ago. I have been battling cancer and have been living off of unemployment and the generosity of my community while looking for a new career path. I am taking this time to also learn to be better with my finances and be able to save despite my situation.

Hello Bodyguard5280 (Mark). You'll be in my prayers, since I've seen the "C" word in your statement. Welcome to the pennyhoarder pages. I hope they can help you as they've already started to help my family. Have you started looking into any ways to set aside any money (even the least amount can help) for the future? 


Hi everyone! I am so happy to be here and learn from all of you.  I am almost ready to publish. Awhile ago someone posted a self publishing service i could go to. What was the name again? Ive recently opened my own Online Beauty supply store. I might have to get a real job to support my marketing like Bus cards and flyers etc. So as far as making more money and saving! Hey I am here to learn!

Hey!  My name is Becky Oberg and I'm a writer by trade who works in a restaurant by day.  Penny Hoarder has helped me get several side hustles going and helps me to live a comfortable life even though I'm on SSDI.  I'm trying to pay off my credit card debt and would like to come off disability while still being able to afford my treatment--unlikely, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I have a blog with occasional money-related posts, but I'm planning on launching an online arts and crafts store--I have a very memorable Jimi Hendrix-themed lamp for sale.  I'm currently saving up for a vacation to Iceland and after that plan on starting to save up to open my own restaurant.  I live in Indianapolis and love the low cost of living but not the cold!  I've been homeless twice due to abuse and am proof that anyone can save money with the right materials.  I just finished reading "The Richest Man in Babylon" and plan on reading it once a year.  My best money saving tip--get a library card.  Most libraries have a wealth of knowledge even when you don't factor in the books.  For example, the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library has a seed library for gardeners, the ability to check out e-books, CDs and DVDs, and Internet access.  Everything I know about investing I learned from the library.

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