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Kipkemboi Ribokin posted:

Hello, dear penny hoarders. How time flies! I have put off this twice, thrice, and I'm down 14 days. Then the reminder to feel welcome, or to welcome me to the community. Thank you so much for that nudge.

My name is Kipkemboi Toroitich from Kenya. I joined this club to get to know more about others' experiences with saving money. I also have loads of my own, which I hope to share on the pages. It is a cozy world to feel supported and support your fellow sojourners. 

For now let me rush, the milk is boiling over and will soon burn the house. See you later somewhere along the lanes.


and to penny hoaders. we are all so far a good bunch of penny pinchers

Hello, I'm a semi retired mom of two grown children and am looking to find a way to create passive income, as I'm currently not physically able to handle a normal day job. I lack education so there is that problem although I do have a degree, it's from the stone ages and would have to go back to school to be current now. That is not an option, so here I am. I'm a writer but my skills are not good enough to become a freelancer or anything like that. I can write poetry real well, though. I've often thought about writing for a greeting card company but feel the competition is too tough. I've tried different things, like submitting to online magazines but so far none are paying or even offering jobs. Slow going there. My inspiration has fizzled in that arena. I'm beginning to lose hope. So now I'm here looking for more options. Thank you for being here.

Welcome @Kathy J Anderson I understand what it is like to try different things and be frustrated when they don't turn out.

Sounds like you do have quite a few skills but are lacking some inspiration and encouragement. It sounds to me like you may be being a little hard on yourself in saying that your skills "are not good enough"  I am positive your skills are worth something to someone, it just may take some time to figure out how.

Would love to hear one of your poems! I would also like to help you brainstorm to figure something out, even if it is just something small to put your skills to work.

Feel free to send me a message if I can be of any help. Have you considered buying and reselling stuff online? Or possibly blogging?

Hello. My name is Nicole. I have followed Penny Hoarder for quite a few years and I had some big credit card debt up until about 3 years ago. Now my goal is to continue no to low debt, have money to travel, and save for our childrens' college. I would love to do a blog some day but just seems overwhelming on where to start no matter how much I read or research and don't want to put too much money into it up front. Glad to be a part of all this. 

Hello Everyone!  I'm Neicy and I've been an avid follower of The Penny Hoarder for a long time. This site has been very informative and helpful to me. However, even-though I have a full-time job that I love it, just does NOT pay enough so I'm STILL on the hunt for side gigs. I am gifted in singing and want to find side work doing so. I've recently left a professional group after 2 years because the pay was not enough and I didn't get enough work. I'm trying to think of ways I can use my gift of song to make substantial income. Here's my challenge, I don't like singing in front of people even-though I've done it umpteen times! I'm not interested in being a "performer". I'm very happy sharing my gift with the world BEHIND the scenes...very happy to do so...don't have to be seen whatsoever! (LOL) Even-though this is my gift and I love to do it, I'm open to all other opportunities shared here as well and I'm excited to join the community. I look forward to forging good connections here.  Oh! And I have no CC debt (paid all that off over a year ago now, thank the Lord! - 20K) and I'm about $12k away from paying off my school loan (of $40K). I really am pushing to be debt free before I turn 50 and I'd love to own a newly-built home some day.  

Hi my name isTammy. I’m a 55 yr old single female living a new normal. Currently working pt as a caregiver for a good company. My financial goal is to pay off my debt which I have because of foolish choices. In 5 months I will have one creditor paid off and that will be a great relief. December 2020 is my goal date to be free of my current debt. Looking forward to sharing my journey. Have a great day y’all!

I am a new member just found your site as of today. This community sound worth looking into. I'am a baby boomer on social security and want to be real estate investor.

I  had been a realtor but let my license relapse didn't like working with buyers or sellers. However, I like looking at homes it's more fun  and creative, but I need to find a mentor that have lot of experiences with real estate endeavors. I also, want to write my life story and take a few classes in writing, and real estate.

I live in Pittsburgh PA all my life and like to travel to the mother land, African that a dream for me to achieve. One of my new activity is going the gym it so refreshing to be there make me feel young and happy. So, thanks for having join your community.


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Hello to all of the Penny Hoarder family. I love this format, filled with questions and concerns. I am still learning my way around the community, any help would be great.  I am almost 65 years young, I am now single. I retired, did some consulting work for a while and then was asked to teach at a school by the principle but chose to work as a Para because I did not want to work full time anymore.  ( I am short by 6 days). I worked my way up to an Assistant Quality Manager after 43 years,  corporate hours 60-65 plus, on call weekends and holidays. I had a great boss and crew to work with everyday. I was very blessed. Now, I am looking for Senior single traveling not only for fun but so I can learn about everything.  any suggestions from the community. 

@Teachable Grandma Good to see you around the community! Sounds like you have lots of valuable information to share. Look forward to hearing more about all your life experiences!

Your question about Single Seniors traveling sounds like it would make a great discussion topic. If you create a separate topic with that question, it will get seen by more people. Just click the "share a tip / ask a question" button at the top right of the website.

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