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Becky O'berg I am behind on reading but you have a very adventurous life, some of which I'm sure you could have done without.You ever thought of writing a book about yourself?    I haven't read the  book, The Richest Man in Babylon, but will try to find it at the library this weekend.  I need encouragement.  Just had to have mold remediation in house and replace bathroom vanities.  It has been an ordeal and cost way more than I realized so now I have that to pay off.  But at least I have new vanities and no mold so I'm not sick either.  I just keep getting more in debt with this townhome I bought.  Praying it will stop now there's not much left to replace. lol 


Hi there. I'm Carol a former firefighter and nurse. I'm currently unable to work (that's a story in itself) and looking for anyway I can to save money and still live well. I'm married to a wonderful semi retired CDL instructor and enjoy cooking, canning, raising chickens, my 2 dogs and 4 cats and am an avid reader. I admit to spending more than I should on books and pet treats.

Hi fellow Penny Hoarders,

My name is Claudia and I am close to" retiring", only to me it is not a retirement, it is a career change. Retiring is a term  that needs updating because it is a change in life style and of course income. So at this point, what I need is a source of income that is interesting and creative that can generate a additional funds. My background is in the medical field and it will be wonderful to have a lower stress day to day plan. or no plan.I am a recent suscriber the Penny Hoarder and love to read the suggestions offered by the staff.

@Sister Hipster welcome to the community!

@Carol Ann Hughes welcome! 

@redcatcec I like your definition of retirement Claudia! In this day and age, there are lots of great options for generating extra sources of income. I recommend finding something you enjoy and seeing if it can be turned into a profitable side gig.

@CI1120 Welcome to the community. Lots of members have great ideas and tips for making money. Look forward to seeing you around!

@Christine Chapin You are definitely in the right place to get tips and tricks to help you save money. Welcome to the community!

I am looking forward to lerning a lot from other Penny Hoarders-tips and tricks to hold onto money and  spend it wisely.

What needs to be done in my perception, is to find ways to make money from what I have in the house, stuff that is just there and not being used.  An example that comes to mind is we have 1/2 paper grocery bag filled with pens,  donation centers don't accept them. Any thought on who would want them?

KELLEYG, many of us face setbacks and financial crises' several times in our lifetime. It's not always an easy thing to cope with, especially when you also have to start cutting back on other expenses. One thing that most of us learn, though, is that these little setbacks (or large ones) help to make us better people in the area of finances. It forces us to learn what we can or cannot live without, and what IS  or ISN'T a true necessity in our lives.

Hi, my name is Sarange from Kenya and I just signed up to join this amazing community. I am an Administrator with much interest in financial matters. My main goal is to learn and share new business ideas and how best to utilize the internet to become financially free. I depend on a monthly paycheck with unending loans to cover my increasing expenses. My biggest dream is to live a comfortable life

Hello everyone still new went on a staycation and worked 2-14 hour and 1-9 hour shift and ended up in the hospital. I get paid out in December of sick time. Last year used it due to cancer surgery so never got a check. Want that check get $210 week from disability insurance I have myself. So ???? I think frugal living is in order still in hospital 

Briana posted:

Hello and welcome to the new Penny Hoarder Community! My name is Briana, a Social Media & Community Strategist at The Penny Hoarder. I'm in the process of paying off credit card debt and establishing a healthy relationship with my finances. I'm also saving for a long-awaited trip to Greece next year! 

Hello Admin Briana, thank you for the welcome and introduction. My name is John, a new member of the community.i'm in the process of paying off an academic loan and establishing a healthy financial status. Hope to achieve my dream through this site.

Hello, I'm new at Penny Hoarder and am surprised at all the many types of topics available on this site to either discuss for advice or assist with ideas. I am retired, am not yet eligible for SS, and I receive a modest retirement from where I worked for 32 years.  We pretty much live on my husband's retirement and SS retirement income. In 2016 we refinanced our home and changed it from a 30-year loan to a 15-year loan. Big Mistake. My husband was working with another partner in a law firm that year, very part-time and things were good. Unfortunately in 2017, none of their clients wanted to pay their fees, so they spent almost the entire year trying to collect fees owed for services rendered. Everything just went downhill starting at the end of 2016. We went from having great credit to lousy credit. I will be starting school online to get a BS in Legal Support & Services, with a concentration in paralegal studies (thanks to a federal loan). I worked for our local government agency during my 32 years and while I was not an attorney or a paralegal, I did work in many areas related to law. I feel that my work experience will help more than anything once I begin school. I am both excited and nervous and will be a first-time college graduate in many generations of my family.  While attending school, I want to find work I can do to make a passive income as well. I have researched working online for about 3 years. I have been scammed so many times I can't even remember but was about 99.9% successful in getting my money refunded. I do not want to do any online work that is going to cost me money upfront. If I had that much money to put into something on which I was taking a chance, I wouldn't be in the predicament I'm in now. For the longest time, I thought I wanted to do affiliate marketing and even paid $67 a month to a particular affiliate marketer's platform as he was the most honest and upfront. I ultimately decided against it as his big thing was doing YouTube Videos and that was way out of my comfort zone (that time it was my fault I spent so much wasted money). So here I am. If someone were to ask what my hobbies were, I would say that I really enjoy doing research. I have also seen some online jobs for transcription, which would be a good online job for me because I can still type at the speed of light. I also enjoy reading, writing and learning new things. I am also thinking about proofreading as a side gig as well.  So, my plate is full but bountiful. Someone once said that great moments are born from great opportunities. Having the opportunity to go to school at this stage in my life is a very great opportunity for me and I am grateful and looking forward to my great moment. 

Briana posted:

Hello and welcome to the new Penny Hoarder Community! My name is Briana, a Social Media & Community Strategist at The Penny Hoarder. I'm in the process of paying off credit card debt and establishing a healthy relationship with my finances. I'm also saving for a long-awaited trip to Greece next year! 


My name is Jeanne from Michigan.  I am debt-free, work 35 hours a week at a job I enjoy and am a year or two away from my retirement.  Looking toward retirement I feel that my biggest challenge will be learning how to (should the need arise) rebuild my emergency fund or in general be able to build a savings account while living on a fixed income.  Any/all suggestions are welcome!

charlottel posted:

@Jeanne Featherston  Welcome to the group. I am jealous that you are debt free and almost retiring.  I have no advice after looking at the way I have been handling things financially.  

Thank you.  Honestly paying off my debt came with the loss of my mother.  I received two checks as part of my inheritance and one of them was within a couple hundred dollars of the balance of my mortgage.  I swear in my head I could hear my father's voice saying "Pay it off!" 

@1centretirement is a scary thought for many these days. Many had major setbacks during "the Great Recession", my wife and I among them. One just has to keep setting some money back each week, even if just $5 at a time. Even spare change. I'm happy for anyone and everyone here who has the money to retire.   Keep your head up, your mind sharp, and look for those opportunities to cut unnecessary expenditures. Keep spare change in a jar, coffee can or somewhere where it's "out of sight out of mind".  You'll make it. 

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