Becky O'berg I am behind on reading but you have a very adventurous life, some of which I'm sure you could have done without.You ever thought of writing a book about yourself?    I haven't read the  book, The Richest Man in Babylon, but will try to find it at the library this weekend.  I need encouragement.  Just had to have mold remediation in house and replace bathroom vanities.  It has been an ordeal and cost way more than I realized so now I have that to pay off.  But at least I have new vanities and no mold so I'm not sick either.  I just keep getting more in debt with this townhome I bought.  Praying it will stop now there's not much left to replace. lol 


Hi there. I'm Carol a former firefighter and nurse. I'm currently unable to work (that's a story in itself) and looking for anyway I can to save money and still live well. I'm married to a wonderful semi retired CDL instructor and enjoy cooking, canning, raising chickens, my 2 dogs and 4 cats and am an avid reader. I admit to spending more than I should on books and pet treats.

Hi fellow Penny Hoarders,

My name is Claudia and I am close to" retiring", only to me it is not a retirement, it is a career change. Retiring is a term  that needs updating because it is a change in life style and of course income. So at this point, what I need is a source of income that is interesting and creative that can generate a additional funds. My background is in the medical field and it will be wonderful to have a lower stress day to day plan. or no plan.I am a recent suscriber the Penny Hoarder and love to read the suggestions offered by the staff.

@Sister Hipster welcome to the community!

@Carol Ann Hughes welcome! 

@redcatcec I like your definition of retirement Claudia! In this day and age, there are lots of great options for generating extra sources of income. I recommend finding something you enjoy and seeing if it can be turned into a profitable side gig.

@CI1120 Welcome to the community. Lots of members have great ideas and tips for making money. Look forward to seeing you around!

@Christine Chapin You are definitely in the right place to get tips and tricks to help you save money. Welcome to the community!

I am looking forward to lerning a lot from other Penny Hoarders-tips and tricks to hold onto money and  spend it wisely.

What needs to be done in my perception, is to find ways to make money from what I have in the house, stuff that is just there and not being used.  An example that comes to mind is we have 1/2 paper grocery bag filled with pens,  donation centers don't accept them. Any thought on who would want them?

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