Hi Anna and welcome from Maryland, always nice to have new members.

You have me curious, how did you get bacterial meningitis, that is a really severe, serious disease. So glad you beat it.

Just love the KIA Souls, drove a rental 1 in FL a few years back, a very popular car. Love it in green.

Well hello back, redcatcec from Maryland.  It's nice to be so welcomed!

I have NO CLUE how I contracted the bacterial meningitis.  I just know that at the time I was going through a treatment to get rid of my Hepatitis C. Now this was in the old days, back when they were using Interferon and such.  Not the new Epclusa, which is what my husband used to get rid of his (bless his soul!) and that's PROVEN to work!  

Now, Interferon strips your immune system down to nothing and slowly rebuilds it, and it was during that time that the meningitis struck.  I had to undergo three (3) brain surgeries and was put into a morphine-induced coma for 24 days!  And yes, it IS a VERY servere and VERY serious disease.  It took me two YEARS to recover from it, during which time I was in a long-term care nursing facility, and had to learn how to walk again, feed myself, dress myself.  Get this:  my father taught  me how to READ again!  Can you imagine?

I think you were quite wise to choose the Soul as a rental.  They're FUN to drive, aren't they?  Personally, I don't care for 'Alien', which is what they call that funky green color, but there sure are an AWFUL lot of them on the road around here!



You have had it very rough patch. You have certainly beat the odds and pulled through some lingering health issues. My husband had to go through rehab for beating heart surgery and then a battle with systemic MRSA. Just like you, no idea where he got that, it nearly did him in. The main side effect, not sure if it from the MRSA or from medications he was on, he has a grainy, sandpaper like feeling in his fingers. They look normal, but this is within.

Welcome @Anne Smith 

So sorry for all that you've been through and lost, but so joyous that you're able to do what you can.  I hope you find inspiring ways to accomplish your financial goals here. Coronavirus is taking it's toll in so many ways, which is why we have to support and help each other through this any way we can. 

Hi everyone! My name is Deb and I live in the northeast. I am a retired Reg, Nurse whose entire career  (almost 30 yrs)was working in gerontology starting at the age of 14! I have always enjoyed working and learning from generations past as their grit and ingenuity, along with the determination they showed that pulled this country through some extremely difficult times, just like now. As a nurse, I + my many co-workers found themselves in situations that we HAD to come up with OUR own immediate solutions to help a patient, and together we did!

I love to cook, +share money-saving tactics, my goal is to be completely debt-free, and not live above my means. I don't buy anything that isn't an essential item, I like to pay the car insurance in one payment to save on the monthly "fees" ins. comp. charge, same with anything else. I learned, that, it's really not that hard to buy ONLY what you absolutely NEED, NOT WANT!-- Need- vs -Want, that's what it comes down to. By doing this I have saved in so many areas, I was stunned. Try this for one month, use your imagination, and see if it helps you have that extra $62.72 at the end of the month. I hope it helps. But, also, treat yourself every now and then, like being on a diet, just a fiscal one. That's what I've been doing.

I love animals, all of God's creatures and helping people, most of all, if I am able. I have learned how to do this safely without being taken advantage of, don't allow your kindness to be mistaken for weakness. Thank you for listening, everyone stay 5ft  safe distances from everyone, wash hands and please do not order drugs offline that are not approved for ANY of Covid-19, an elderly man has died and his wife hospitalized because they ordered medication that Pres. Trump stated could "cure" Covid-19 and the results are tragic. LISTEN TO THE HEALTH CARE  EXPERTS! Not a person who wants to lift the recommendations in 14 days. Millions of people WILL die. Please, I beg of you......Stay home, watch other stations CNN, MSNBC other than Fox. I implore you to educate yourselves with information other than from a TV entertainment reality show. Thank you again and I look forward to listen to your tips and help. Have a safe day!



Welcome, but please leave politics OUT of this forum. We are people who are trying to save money, help each other and don't want any topics that start arguments. My mother always told me "never discuss religion or politics except with like-minded people". 

Thank you dboothe,

Nicely put!

I second your reaction and leave politics out of Penny Hoarder discussions, and leave religion out as well. This is about saving money and tips for that subject.

Hi to our new members!  This is a great resource and great place to find ideas, bounce ideas off of people and meet new people.  I don't get to spend as much time as I would like to on this site but when I do I find a lot of interesting things.  

Hello, my name is Denna. I am so excited to be a part of your community. I am a mother of four grown children and 9 grandkids. My career was in Nursing for about 18 years but I am changing that. Nice to meet y'all can't wait to read your site and learn new things. Have a great day

Hi, it's good to get a feel for what's going on with this group; what you think will be the recovery phase.  It really is hard to know. I'm  optimistic if we can begin to get back to work soon.  I'm retired; all my family have been able to keep their jobs, so I'm fortunate and grateful, but concerned - very concerned about the big cities.  One of the things I've taken up is making sourdough bread.  I had to hunt for a 5 lb bag of flour - shelves empty - only 20 lb bags.  I like the bread so much I will get the 20 lb bag after all.  Best wishes to you all.

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