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Hi members of penny hoarders community my name is Danny Vaega I'm on disability and Ive been jobless been trying to find a part time job is just the timing I've been struggling at mostly, like I'm going to continue finding me a job and I almost had it last time got problems with my background check, recently lastweek I just read my background check results today few hours ago from the mail so I now I gotta work to fix problem from there or whereever it is I don't know then continue find me a job so I would work on my tax and all that get things all done so I could get back on my feet.

Hi! I’m Stephanie a Floridian! Mom of two beautiful  girls one is 3 and a brand new September 2020 baby. I’m a wife to my hard working Husband Julian. We are both business owners I sell luxury tailored made clothing and my husband own a construction company. Our finacial goals are to continue to finish the last bit of our Dept. Buy our first home and make investments for our children’s future and our retirement!

Hi! So happy you joined  us . Manage your money well , don't apply for pay-day loans and only buy what you need .Try to fix most of your meals at home , you know you are eating healthy when you do it yourself .                                                                                      God Bless you and stay safe .

@Nicole posted:

Hi Nathan,

Do you have any suggestions of apps or tools?  So far, I keep accountable to my family & bank account.

My situation is a little different.....I used to work in the financial industry actually.  I'm a SAHM because I have a son with medical needs.  Like most parents, I will spend any money it takes for my son to be healthy & happy.  So our lives detour but we were still able to get lots of trips in last year as well as the unexpected 3 weeks hospital stay without incurring any debt or dipping into retirement savings. 

Good afternoon Nicole i don't have a coach. Do i have to have one

Hi! My name is Kris and I am new here.. although have been a fan for awhile and decided to join.. I am not huge on social media at all.. looking for blogs to follow on personal finance, getting out of debt.. I had out of debt for years then covid hit and right before had to get some dental work done so took out personal loan to help with dental work.. I am lucky to have my job although in the beginning it was a lot of flexing of hours theni had a opportunity to help out in a different department with the company I work with and have full time hours...

Hi, I am Jeanee. After years of working in sales and management, I went back to school. Dec. 2019, I earned my BA in Fine Arts. I have been an artist since 1995, but had no formal training. Getting that was a big goal. I worked the first three years of school and then the last two years focused on finishing (in person) college. I have managed to pay off all my credit cards, but still have some student loans. I look forward to building savings and learning more about retirement funds. I am in the southeast USA.

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