Well I don't know what to say. This is my first time. I just don't know what to do my rent is coming up and I just don't know how I can do it. I live on my own I have a one bedroom apartment. But it's 675.00 a month and I have my phone bill lost my car insurance so I drive without car insurance. I had car insurance but I would pay one week I have paid 97.00. and turned around there's a nothing bill 114.00 and then after that I got another bill 102.00. this was all in one month.they was just sending Bill's out and then I got another bill 55.00 I can't keep doing that so now I don't know how I'm going to get car insurance. They broke me. My driver's license is clean nothing on it. But anyway now I have to pay my rent and phone and get food in the house I have nothing thanks to my insurance company. I just want someone to talk to me and help me figure out my bills and stay on top of it.sorry I put a big spill out there.well I think I said enough I hope someone can give me some advice

Thank you. Cathy Woodward

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Hi Cathy. 

I'm sorry things are so tight now. Personally, I would focus in just what you said- housing and food. Do you track your money and use a budget? I'll attach the forms that I used and recommend for use as a start. 

I always recommend that people track their spending, exactly. It is a huge pain in the neck, but oh so useful. Not only do you need to know where your money goes before you make a budget, just the act of writing it down reduces extra spending. Not I am not saying that you are wasting money! I am saying that this will help in the long term. 

Housing and food is a priority! 

Thanks for the opportunity to address a particular bill right now. I now would like to effectively be of service with cell phone activity to earn cash for my time efforts and diligence. Ok!

Hi Cathy.  There are few things you can do right now to ease the stress and also get you some help.  Yes, for sure, the food and rent are priority as previously answered.  First, you need to have a list of all your expenses, if you don't have a budget in place. It's critical that you have all those written down and when they are due so that you don't get any surprises.   Next, you need to write down all your income for the month. You can't really prioritize things without knowing how much you have (income)  and expenses.  Next, determine what you can pay now and what you are short with (after you set aside food & rent) and then call those places, whether it be insurance or credit card companies and explain to them your situation and this is key.  Ask them if they can "defer" your payment for this month until next month. I did this to 2 of my credit card companies and both defer my payment till June.  This will give you more time to figure out what to do next.  I would even call my landlord and ask for some help or relief, and be just honest that things are tight. Next, ask for help from families or friends.  I know this can be embarrassing for some of us but this is necessary if we dont have any other alternatives.  For any additional help you receive, put it toward those expenses that you were short on. Be frugal in your spending and make sure you are getting ahead little bit at time then falling behind.  So keep refer back to your notes on your expenses vs income.  Hope that helps!

Hi Cathy,

We've hit "rock bottom" at one time or another.  This is an extra hard time with the coronavirus going on, but I believe there are people out there that still want to help.  I will list several ideas.  If one doesn't work, please consider the next.  I pray you'll find help and direction as you need it.  Sincerely, Jenny Waldensi

1. Start with those closest to you. Family, friends, associates from work, ministers, etc.  People you can trust with your embarrassing situation, and will understand your plight and want to help.  

2. Visit the site: In Charge Debt Solutions. https://www.incharge.org/debt-...o-where-to-get-help/;  https://www.incharge.org/debt-...ctric-bill-get-help/ . They have some good places to recommend where you can get help. 

3. Even while asking for help, get your budget together.  Even if you use the "envelope system" (putting the cash into an envelope for rent, cash into car insurance envelope, etc.) and you use a simple notebook to keep track, it will help immensely. Most people feel that they can't afford to budget, when we really cannot afford Not to.

4. Do you have something you can sell?  Whether it was your sister-in-law coveting your good china (and you have a 2nd set to eat off of), or you use online Garage Sales, or go to the Hock Shop (after the stay at home order is lifted), get as much money together as you can from your own resources.  Be brutal with yourself.  Only exclude what you need to live. If it is in good conditional and desirable to others (and you have something else to keep you going) - sell it.  

5.  If you've been able to sell a number of things, keep the "minimalist" attitude.  It will help you keep from over-purchasing later.  Less is more, in so many ways!

Can you join a friend's cell phone family plan? Is there a bus route walking distance from where you live. Keep your car but maybe ride the bus for a month or two. You can use google maps to see just put in your work address and click on the bus option and it will tell you how far the closes bus station is. Also, I would recommend using the envelope system talked about by @Jenny Waldensi 

You could try a go fund me account and try and raise 1 month worth of rent. People are more willing to help if they know its for an exact amount and for an exact thing. 

To make some side income at night you can try working on Rev.com you just need to be good at typing. 

Cathy, you will make it! 

@Cathy Woodward I'm so sorry you're going through such a difficult time. A lot of people have offered some great advice in this thread. But to echo what @Elon Must Save said: You will make it!

Most people have $1,200 coming to them soon in the form of coronavirus stimulus checks. If you're among them and the IRS (or Social Security) has your direct deposit info, you could see that $1,200 in as little as a week and a half.

Also, unemployment benefits just got a huge boost ($600 a week on top of regular state benefits), so if you've lost your job or income, there's a good chance you'll qualify. Here's some information about how to do so:

Ultimately, the only solution when you can't afford bills is to talk to the people you owe about your situation. So many people are in this situation right now, so you're in a good position to work out a lower payment for the short term or push back a due date, especially if you'll be getting relief money soon.

You need to prioritize food, housing and transportation. My colleague Tiffany Connors has a good post about what to prioritize right now: https://www.thepennyhoarder.co...cant-pay-your-bills/

One thing I want to address is that you say you're driving without car insurance. I get that you're doing so because you're in a really tough spot. If you could avoid driving right now and use part of your coronavirus check to get your insurance reinstated. I would hate to see your driver's license get suspended for not having insurance. Even under the best circumstances, it can be expensive to get it reinstated, but if you're caught driving with a suspended license or even worse, are in an accident, the costs can be absolutely devastating.

Hang in there. This is a really rough time, but things will get better.

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