What can we do to help you?

Here are some resources:

-Call 211 in your area. You may be eligible for some kind of financial assistance

-Are you eligible for food stamps?

-Thrift stores and food pantries are other ideas

-Check with AARP for discounts on medication, insurance, etc.

-Can you use public transportation?

-I personally have started shopping at Aldi because they're about half the price of my local grocery store

-Your church (if you attend one) may also be able to help, even if it's a one time thing

-Check with the United Way

-Check with Catholic Charities

Good luck, and I hope some of these suggestions will help!

Also check with your utility companies. Most do have senior assistance when it comes to bills and other services that can assist with your expenses. Especially when peak seasons arise. If you have internet, check your provider for cheaper options or promotional plans. And think about a different cell phone service especially if you are not a heavy user in the full course some service providers charge for.

Budgeting can only take you so far, so I understand that frustration. Since raising income may not be an option right now, definitely contact every person you pay and find other options that suit your needs. 

Churches may be able to assist, even if you are not a member. 

You may want to get on a list for HUD housing. It's very affordable. 

Your utility companies might be able to refer you to an agency to help.

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