my name is Ame, and I’ve been reading The Penny Hoarder for more years than I can count. But I’m ecstatic for this site as I really need some help!! I’m 66, retired on disability (teacher in Detroit mostly: asthma) and have had several major financial ???catastrophes? Upheavals?? That have left me at this point living on a fixed income (aren’t we all 😊) which does not cover my basics, and I don’t know what to do/how to fix it....SITUATIONS: divorce...taken to the cleaners!  Son diagnosed with brain cancer/no insurance/so I 2nd mortgaged my house, took out my pensions and retirement and sold what I could, to pay medical bills. Asthma was not diagnosed until several years of me getting ill each fall through winter, having to take off work, eventually had lung surgery and lost teaching job.  Became caregiver to my mother and brother...long stir short, family member sold house out from under me when mom passed and put brother in nursing home.  So 2nd time I lost house.. wound up homeless. 1 bankruptcy.

So now I can pay my health and drug insurance, rent, cell phone, low school loan, $125/month food, my Rxs, and that’s it.  Nothing extra. 

So I’m looking to find a side Something????  I’d love to pay everything off but at this rate I cannot....

so really looking forward to being here!  There’s so much more to my story...I’m not a slack ardent, lazy, etc   But one can only put so much down on paper  THANKS for reading!!!


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I can't even imagine what you've been through. You must be a very strong person. If you weren't at the beginning, you probably are now. Remember that all of us here have probably had a lot of similar incidents and so you are around like minded people who wish you the best. Hang in there.

Thank you Janisrae!  Today I can really use it. I’m feeling especially down. Thanks so much for reaching out. I’m debating on if I should continue trying to find a therapist or not. I’ve had such a terrible time trying to find one. 

Thanks for the support!!

In my opinion, it's always worth finding a therapist if you think you may need to. Please keep looking. It's tough to find good counseling here in NH too. There is often a wait list, but get on it. Eventually you come to the top of the list, and if you don't need them anymore, you just say so. 

Good luck. I'm glad you have some support. 

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