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I have had good luck selling things on the Facebook Marketplace.  I take photos in good light and give good descriptions.  I used to always meet the seller at the police station near my house but for some things have listed them as a "no contact sale" with PPU (Porch pick up).  I set it out on the bench near my back door with instructions on where to leave the cash (only).  I've sold clothes, housewares and toys.   If you have bigger ticket items you might want to check on consignment shops that sell it for you and take a cut.  Where I live they keep it for three months, advise you on how to price it.  The price goes down monthly and at the end of the three months I have to decide whether I want to go get it - otherwise they donate it to Habit for Humanity.


That's awesome! Kudos to you for taking advantage of Facebook Marketplace and the resources you already have at home!

I'd like to add that we can also make use of websites and applications like Ecwid and Shopify to sell some things we're passionate about.

Food is another thing we have at home that we can choose to sell. As for extra supplies and ingredients for your products; just a quick, safe, and secure trip to the nearby grocery will suffice.

It sucks that many of us have lost our jobs during this horrific pandemic, but it's a good thing it came to us at a time when the internet exists.

Thanks to these websites, setting up our own businesses wouldn't require us to have to sign up for a businesses permit, have a mayor's permit, a building permit, and etc.

I hear good things about Mercari:

I’ve been using eBay on and off since 2016, their sales percentage is a little higher than Mercari’s though. I’ve sold automotive parts, hardware, cooking supplies/utensils, sporting memorabilia, toys, whimsical bric a brac type items. I’ve even caught lightning in a bottle a few times when I see a neighbor’s house with a “For Free” box in front (obviously during Covid I’ve been a little iffy about that option) I’ve even found items at the Dollar Tree and flipped those for a profit too. I also get boxes and envelopes from the post office to offset shipping costs a little.

Slightly off topic, but if you have a skill or talent or knowledge about a certain industry or subject matter you can write an instructional book and sell it on Kindle. If you already have an amazon account you can link it through there. You can upload it in Word for format (it does have an iOS compatible version too) they have tools to edit, format, you can upload your own cover or choose from stock photography, they have tools to help promote your book, you even have the option of kindle, paperback or both. There’s no monthly fees to be a part of kindle they just take their cut of whatever you sell. They even have tax forms.


Hope that helps and stay safe!👍

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