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With tax time coming around the corner I am curious to know what you have found to be the best way to do your taxes.

Previously, I have done my taxes myself using an online platform such as HR Block or TaxAct.

This year I got married and invested some money and I am thinking doing my taxes is going to be a little more complicated.

Any recommendations for the best way to do them?

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Melinda posted:

My taxes are kinda complicated with investments and multiple streams of income, however I still do them myself with Turbotax...


I have personally shyed away from TurboTax because every time I have started using them they wanted to add on fees for different things. Have you found this to be the case or is it worth the fees?

Sorry. @Moore income: turbo tax and H&R block are still good places to do taxes on your own cause they will walk you through everything online. It will generally be up to you if you want to pay to get them done and how much you are willing to pay. Credit Karma also offers free tax filing if you have an account with them. 

Even with the changes in your life in the past year, it won't make things too difficult in the tax aspect if you decide to do them online by yourself.

I have used H&R Block to do them myself for over a decade, after experiencing the additional fees with Turbo Tax that you mentioned, makes it accurate.

Before those programs, I used a CPA for my businesses and he plugged in the numbers and charged a fee, was disappointed with what I got back and double-checked everything.  They don't always ask questions as to why you did something and/or how you used it, which cost me a ton of time to redo my tam and get quite a bit back.  (Ex: I bought lot's of gasoline for one of my businesses, a Property Management company for my properties, he decided to claim only the gas receipts and not my mileage because you can only do 1 or the other if you don't ask the question of why I handed in the receipts?  They were for the gas required to run the snowblowers and lawn mowers for my property management, the mileage was for the regular part of my business, after I redid my taxes for the 4 years, I got back an additional $12K, never going back to someone else doing them.

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