What is the smallest amount that you will stop to pick up? ...a penny? a nickel? a dime? a quarter? a dollar?

My husband and I will stop to pick up a penny. He's done it for years (even though he is not generally frugal). I'm the frugal one, but generally am not looking down, but if I see it, I will stop to pick it up. 

Careful though, I was in a parking lot and saw where someone had dropped a quarter and a nickel.  I was so excited (yes, I can be that frugal) I stopped to pick it up and didn't notice a car was coming. My grown daughter pulled me out of the way but not without my 30 cents. I was in a crosswalk and the person should have stopped anyway.

My husband will also check the change return on vending machines (I pretend I don't know him) and around the cash register areas you can find change people dropped and left, also on the parking lots around the cars.



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Yup, that's me, I will stop and pick up money and so will my husband, just think about it, it is free money, no matter the amount! I love the people who toss this away without a thought, maybe they don't like to carry change. Cash register areas are also lucrative too, a good area to check on. We keep our eyes open, never know when there is an opportunity.

I like to have a few days a week where I spend no money on anything. Then I can have my fun money ready and not feel like I'm breaking the budget!

I will personally pick up a coin of any monetary value just because I believe that even a penny has some value when you add more pennies and then begin to multiply it!

My biggest source of spare change recently has been from Aldi's LOL

Because it is so cold here in the winter, a lot of people don't like to take the time to reconnect their cart and get their quarter, so I am happy to do the task for them and put an extra quarter in my pocket from time to time! 

I have noticed that too at ALDI, especially if they are opening a new store or have recently remodeled, people don't know what to do with the situation of quarters and carts. They draw new customers who have not quite caught on yet. The majority of grocery stores in our area do not use the same system, therefore this is something new to them and confusion arises to our advantage.Of course we help out if asked.

@redcatcec Agreed. Of course I help people out when they are a bit confused. But on the occasions I have found quarters, the carts are just there with nobody around so I just hook them up and take my paycheck! 

Another tip is to check under beds in motel/hotel rooms.  We often find loose change after my grand daughter accidentally did so in 2 nights at 2 different hotels.

I'm definitely a penny picker-upper or any coin. I usually find them at gas stations, Family Dollar. I save all coins from change received to 2 coin jars and then deposit in my Christmas Club account at the credit union. (Although, there have been times I needed to use the money). It's not the fastest way to accumulate because I rarely carry cash. Twice, I found folded $20 bills on the grass in my front yard! Yep, people visiting other neighbors and probably dropped from their pockets while getting out of their cars from the passenger side. Well, hello there!

STHOM,  I've dropped/lost money a couple of times and always hope that someone finds it. I'd hate to think it's in a sewer or been run over by a car so many times it disintegrated. 

I used to have regular dreams about finding money, and They always made me happy. After one New Year's that my husband and I spent out in the country at a B&B, we went for a walk along a grassy path. I looked down and saw a $1 bill on the ground, then a $5 and a $20, all lined up in a row. That was magical!

So happy, found a quarter in an ALDI cart yesterday, it was pure joy! Then you go in the store and take advantage of the sales, there that goes.

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