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Thanks! can be really helpful for this. You can buy in as large or small a quantity that way. 

Additionally, writing to consignment stores in your area and asking if they would be interested in selling any items in bulk that haven't sold and the original donors/customers have surrendered, can be a wonderful way! 

Obviously, garage sales too. 

Six on a Budget posted:

I sold pre-owned women's designer clothing on eBay. I still do, ten years later. I love it. 

What have you done to make money from home?

That's great @Six on a Budget, and congratulations on your success. Thanks for pointing out the "ten years later", because people must accept the fact that it takes time to build a Castle. 

What I have done to make money from home? 

Blogging with affiliate marketing is what fascinates me most. Along with publishing articles and eBooks. But must admit that SEO nearly got the better of me. Luckily there's nothing that research and persistence cannot remedy.

I have incorporated a "side hustle" mindset into my every day routine. If I am cleaning out my closet and ready to donate some clothes, I'll first take them to a consignment shop where I can get cash on the spot for them. If I a moving, I'll list my items on Facebook Marketplace before donating them or passing them along to a friend. 

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