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As a stay at home mom of four kids, I've been selling on eBay for about ten years.

I paid off my student loans in 18 months! It has been a flexible, lucrative option. 

Here are details of how you too can get started:



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Carlos Ortega posted:

for a new comer like should i approach the shipping aspect of e-bay...more specifically, do you own a scale to determine postage? trying to map my mind around the whole process.

thanks everyone!

@Carlos Ortega I personally do a lot more estimating. I do however have a scale which I use sometimes. I generally charge FREE shipping so I just try to estimate a number into the price. One thing you can also do is if you are selling a similar item that other people have listed, if you go to their item and click on the "sell one like this" link, it will copy the weight and dimensions that person has set. This is not always accurate but you can get a ballpark number. For the most accuracy I recommended getting a scale and having your weight and dimensions figured out before listing, it does make the process a little more time consuming though.

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