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It took me several years to get my credit score up. I did it by making sure I always paid the bill on time, and usually paying at least $5 or $10 extra. Unfortunately can't afford to pay off the entire balance at once. What I'm paying off now was used for badly needed home repairs. I already own my house and car so I'm not worried about getting any loans. I notice my score goes up and down a few points all the time. I decided not to obsess about it. I think focusing on it too much isn't healthy. It's like some invisible god in cyberspace gets to determine my value? Nope. Don't think so.

For me personally, I have over 15 credit cards, I always make sure to be able to pay whenever I’m using or have money reserved for it.

    I rotate my cards, like sometimes use 3-5 credit cards every month, and when I finish paying them off, I switch to the next ones so no card goes unused in a year as I don’t want it to be closed. And I’m using multiple, I’m not using too much of my credit limit on one card except I’m using it to get a promotion money or something.

I have six credit cards, I believe. I primarily swap between two of them, depending on the types of points (cash back or hotel stays) I want to build up. In recent months, I've found it easy to go overboard with some mindless spending. Not good!

So I'm focusing on paying off all my cards throughout the rest of the year (about $5k in debt currently). I plan to pay off one card fully and then shift to the next. I will be sparingly using my credit cards until I'm back to being able to pay them off in full each month.

As I pay off my debt, my credit generally goes up as there's more credit available to me to spend.

I have quite a few myself. I  recently got a loan and paid most of my cards way down. I even closed a credit card that was charged me ridiculous fees and monthly fees.  I am waiting to see what all this will impact my credit score.  But I have mint as a budgeting app. I have noticed that my fees and interest payments are like a 3rd of what they have been.  So that is good.  I will give a update when I get my  new soce.

Ideally, I'd like to have only two credit cards. I have 4 but only use 2. I use Mint as well and been using since around 2014. Their new interface and organization has caused me some issues, and I complain about the problems on Reddit🙂. I also use a yearly spreadsheet because I like being able to see at a glance what I spend in each category month by month. There's nothing quite like getting the notices from Mint that I've overspent yet again in the coffee category. I actually know it's coming because my spreadsheet has already told me so.

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