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Between myself and family members, I have moved a lot. In fact, tomorrow I’m helping a family member move, and it will be the eighth move in five years.

I’m no longer at a place in my life where I can put my body — or my friends’ — through lifting furniture and heavy boxes (although I’ve become something of an expert at packing boxes and crates), and some of these jobs are simply too big. So, I’ve always employed professional movers.

In my opinion, hiring movers is well worth the cost, but it is expensive. And I’m always left wondering if I’m leaving a large enough tip.

So tell me, how much do you tip movers? Is there a general guideline you use?

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Only if they answer your request to perform services outside their scope of work. They are not like wait staff that can be paid below minimum wage because they are expected to make it up in tips.

Perhaps the better discussion would be who should we tip, why should we tip them and what is a reasonable tip rate. In the 60's 10% was considered correct for wait staff and now I see 25+% recommended. In the next century will it be 50%?

well here i am, my 92 year old sister had to go into a nursing home, she wanted to be near her son, so he took her by him, at my age of 71 i didn't want to move anything, but my beautiful daughter and son in law and grandchildren brought their trucks and moved all her stuff out and put it in storage for her son to sell or keep

Like the other comments here, I never have even considered tipping movers. Maybe I'll start now?

I've really only thought of tipping, say, taxi drivers and/or wait staff and/or the valet. Movers I get are generally contractors for a big company that I pay a large sum for to move, so I've never even thought about tipping the mover.

And if I do tip the mover, I feel like any amount that's inconsequential will be an insult to them. For example, movers on TaskRabbit cost up to $70/hr. If they move for 5 hours and I tip them $20 for their 5 hours of hard labor seems insulting. On the other hand, I don't really want to tip $70 since that's a bit spendy.

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