I have a friend started to make wine from sticky rice then some bbq at night on the street. People comes every night. First, they come to try sticky rice wine then get some foods. A lot of people enjoy it and my friend planing to open more local restaurant start by sticky rice wine.
Simple but it worksruou nep


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KellyFromKeene posted:

I have never heard of this! How clever.

Actually,  this is local wine and very popular in Vietnam. These type for women drink with ice like a drinks. But, after many years. People just think about to make it and local sell for everybody to try. Some other type in Vietnam such as: Pot Wine and drink by bamboo straw (made by paddy and mineral water) or Banana wine, Coconut wine.

IF you can try to make at home. I recommend to make Banana wine (keep at least 6 months can be used)


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