Having troubling keeping up with everything in your financial life? A budget binder can help. Here's how to make one! 

Have you tried this approach to budgeting? I would love to hear more about your budget binders. 

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That is very similar to The Budget Mom's Budget by Paycheck Method/Workbook. Great ideas, and it has been working for me and a friend who has been doing it with me. The binder is good to personalize it- I use the pictures that track savings for specific expenses, but they are not part of the workbook. 
The binder is great- you can start right away and its a small investment to make it work for you. 

Our budget book is a life saver. The great side benefit is it keeps communication open between my husband and I. We always know what we have in each category and can make decisions accordingly. If we don't have it, we don't spend it. Once we decide on what to put into each category, the budget is the "bad cop" and keeps us in line.  

I love that you use the budget as the "bad cop" for accountability @Olivia. Such a great idea to prevent finger pointing when things aren't going well in a certain category. 

My family currently just uses an excel spreadsheet, but I may have to incorporate pictures like you do @KellyFromKeene and start a binder. Having something you can flip through/hold in your hands with great visuals makes budgeting sound more fun!

After reading some of The Budget Mom's posts, I was looking into making something like this for my home. I was so happy to see this article from The Penny Hoarder shortly after, it was uncanny! I like to combine this idea with bullet journaling a little, making my own mash-up version. I love it.

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