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Product researchThere are a few key factors to focus on if you want to know how to start a blog. However, starting a blog is one thing, turning it profitable is quite another. There is a huge difference between a click, a visitor and a buyer. The first and most important step of starting a blog as a professional blogger is discovering your profitable niche. 

When you start your first blog, it is also important to create order by using separate folders. And to start a successful blog you need to create these folders with Word documents to keep track of your research. Create a folder and name it “Keywords and Search Phrases”, then add a Word document with the same title to this folder. 

Next folder, “Title and Domain” followed by saving the same Word document in the folder. The title and domain go hand in hand. Because the target keyword as the first word of the blog title, must also be in the blog domain. 

This is How to start a profitable blog 

To actually end up making money with your blog. You want to turn your knowledge into words. And your experience into information. Therefore establishing your profitable niche is equally important. 

Site index in Google search sending a site ping Because your blog must be about what you love doing most. And preferably something you have some knowledge of. Which is why the right product research is so effective with gaining added knowledge. The how to make money online with a blog becomes easier as your knowledge increases.

Therefore although considered among the “easiest” ways on how to make money with a blog. The most difficult part of affiliate marketing and blogging. Is turning a click into a visitor and then into a buyer. It’s one thing to have 100,000 clicks or hits. But it is quite something else altogether getting 100,000 reads. Which can only be accomplished with knowledge and compelling content.

Use the knowledge you gather to write interesting blog posts. Offer solutions to problems without “sales pitching” everything. Because it never is about the sale really. But more about what your blog reader will remember about you. By turning your knowledge into professional presentation. You will never have to sales pitch ever again. 

Unlimited web traffic and passive income ideas In a nutshell, you need compelling content based on product and niche research. Providing your audience is appropriately and relevantly targeted based on a common need within the niche.  Furthermore you need an affiliate offer that directly relates to the blog topics or categories. And offer a solution to a problem. Along with the reason why it is what the reader is looking for.

Display banner images through plugins and image widgets. Instead of raw html code in a text widget. And in doing so preventing any html interference with your blog SEO score in search engines.

Deon Christie

Aspiring writer and enthusiastic blogger with extensive SEO knowledge.

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  • Site index in Google search sending a site ping
  • Unlimited web traffic and passive income ideas
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