Guess this is the latest from Receipt Hog, it has become so popular with penny Hoarders that therre is now a waiting list to get to be a member of it. This was a total surprise when I put the app on my phone and requested to join. They willl get back to me when something opens up. Hhhmmmm.

Anyone else experienced this?

DaniSew posted:

I use Fetch Rewards. They give you 25 points for every grocery, store, and gas receipt. And you get bonus points for products or brands they have listed for that week. I have been using it for six months and have earned $20 in giftcards.

I downloaded the Fetch Rewards app last week. Very easy to use, and I earned a $5 gift card in just the first week.

Wondering, can you use more than one of these kinds of apps? 

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