I have been planning to backpack to Europe and ever since I mentioned this in a family dinner, they do not stop talking about souvenirs. Can you guys suggest affordable range ones in France, Holland, and Germany? And what are the best stores for that!

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Hi @Zara Zoey! How exciting! I had a friend who backpacked through Europe. I asked her about this and she told me that while she didn't have specific souvenir stores to recommend, she made a point to purchase postcards as souvenirs as they were cheaper, and lighter to carry and then send. She couldn't recall any specific ones but recommended avoiding the stores in high traffic tourist areas. 

I thought her post card suggestion was interesting! Curious if anyone else has backpacked through Europe and has thoughts on budget-friendly stores Zara could check out? 

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Postcards is a good idea. Or I can capture Insta-approved pics and convert them into postcards? I guess it suffices it.


More ideas are welcome!

I love the idea of converting the pictures you take into postcards. I'm also a huge fan of a beautiful polaroid. You could do photos that way and write a meaningful note on it for the friends or family you'd like to give one too. Also, with your own photos, you can pretty much create or brand anything out of that.  

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