I'm assuming if money was no object, then I'm retired. I would really like to do a long RV trip around the states. There is so much natural beauty and wonder here that I haven't seen yet. 

I have no interest in humid locations, so Hawaii, bermuda, etc. will have to exist without me. 

I would also have to take an extended trip throughout Great Britain. A few months at least.

Moore Income posted:

I am a lover of travel and a huge advocate for people having dreams and seeking to fulfill their dreams.

That being said, I am curious to know where my fellow Penny Hoarders would travel if money wasn't something you had to worry about.

What would be your dream trip/vacation and why would you choose that specifically?

Time to do a little dreaming! 

Italy is my ultimate dream. My father and his family came over in the early 1900’s. I feel drawn to Italy and feel like I need to go if money were not a worry ‼️

I'm currently saving up for a trip to Iceland in hopes of seeing the Northern Lights and geothermal activity, as well as some waterfalls.  I read everything I can get my hands on about budget travel to Iceland.  A few years ago I took a train vacation through Quebec, then used the train to go from Quebec City to Indianapolis, where I live.  I slept like a baby on the train and enjoyed looking out the window during the day at the scenery on the Adirondack route, which is one of the ten most scenic railways in the world.  I've traveled extensively around the U.S., been to Canada twice, Mexico three times, and Haiti once.  I would like to do the Polar Triangle, but that costs way more than I make in a year.

My wife and I lived in Granite Falls, MN  in the early 1990's. We got to see the Northern Lights on several occasions, which is a rare treat there. I had also gotten to see them when I was on a missions trip in the 70's in Dryden, Ontario, Canada, helping with the Indians in the area. It was beautiful and was something both of us would like to see again. We would like to go to Canada to visit some friends of ours, and then go with them on their yearly trip to Alaska to see the Northern Lights again.We nearly picked up a went last winter accept that my sister was fighting  cancer and we had to make several trips to Georgia to see her while she was still living. Maybe this winter we'll go. Would love to photograph them again. 

Europe. All of it. I long to experience the beautiful churches and experience the sights, sounds... and the food. I have an exchange student/sister who lives in Switzerland. So Switzerland is a must!

I would also go back to Poland—believe it or not—I had to go there for an international competition with my daughter. It is a beautiful country with friendly people. As a bonus, they love Americans. They have not forgotten. Visit Auschwitz and you’ll understand. A bit of advice: keep politics to yourself. I was in a group of people in a taxi and one lady was extremely verbal with her negative United States opinions. I quietly watched on my phone navigation—he drove us in circles and charged over twice what the fare should be. Even better? Rent a car. Poland is huge. 

REGENIU$, that sounds like a great trip! I know many people who have been to the places you mentioned, and even had an Auschwitz survivor and his wife on my paper route when I was a child. It's always good to learn from people who were there, and that would be a very worthwhile use of monies saved. I look forward to one day hearing more from you, not just on Poland, etc., but  also on finances and your goals.

@Regeniu$ Definitely lots of great places to see and visit in Europe.

I have had the pleasure of making a trip to Bulgaria, it was the only European country I have been too but quite beautiful in natural beauty, history and culture.

There are quite a few other European countries still on my bucket list.

Europe for sure! I would love to be able to take off 6 mos from work and slowly explore the whole continent. Maybe have a loose agenda with time to immerse in the local culture, enjoy the food and see the sights including the natural beauty and made made- architecture, museums, art galleries, etc. 

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