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@Theodora what kind of investing are you interested in? I know you can find a lot of resources on the web and YouTube videos that talk about specific kinds of investing.

You gotta be careful with some of these though because some people really don't know what they are talking about.

I personally like to learn as I go and watch a lot of YouTube videos on specific types of investments (ie. stocks, real estate, etc.)

I use a lot of investment apps that are pretty straightforward for making small investments in stocks and such.

I am looking at soon getting into Real Estate investing and am fortunate to have a mentor who has quite a bit of experience.

I haven't come across any specific guides I can vouch for but I will keep an eye out and if you run across anything please don't hesitate to share!

@Theodora I have run across them. Can't say I have looked into them much although I do plan to in the near future. Currently I am investing in Rich Uncles which is a real estate trust that focuses on purchasing commercial buildings and student housing. It is a great place to get started and the returns are decent with Rich Uncles.

Fundrise is definitely on my watch list though!

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