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I don't believe that when you have a saving account there should be a period of inactivity where the bank can close your account if you don't use it in eight years  After all what is the point of saving but to put your money  in a saving account and let compound interest do its thing Chantal Voltaire

I agree, Chantal! ( but, fyi, you replied to a post about couponing. Maybe you meant to comment on another post?...)

@Angie P. posted:

Wow that's quite impressive @Lisabella! Congratulations on being one of the top savers!

I was wondering if you might be able to share stats on how much you save per month with your methods, and roughly how much time/mo is spent doing you strategy (same question as above)?


Hi Angie!

I replied to "@KellyFromKeene", above with some info.

I pulled up some stats from CVS for one year, based on a flyer they sent me (attached) about my savings:

"You saved $719 (250 with sale prices and $649 with coupons). You also earned 87 in ExtraBucks Rewards, 48 in BeautyClub rewards and 20 in Pharmacy ExtraBucks Rewards." That's almost $900 in savings in one year. That was awhile ago, Lol. They send me fliers at the end of the year and I happened to save it. 🙂

The same savings principles apply to other stores too, of course. I just happen to be a fan of CVS.

Have fun!



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I don't use coupons because I imagine that it is time consuming. And I often buy store brand. But then I hear of people like you who do so well with them! How much time do you spend (weekly/monthly/etc) organizing and planning for this?

Hey, Kelly,

I'm not big on wasting time, either.  Believe me. My time is valuable, but I would hear these women talk about how much money they save and I'd be like, c'mon, is that for real? I wanted to see how it was done, and so I decided to check it out. I studied it on their website. All free. I focused on CVS at first. It became like a sport for me. A game. It took time at first, but now that I have the hang of it, it is like second nature to me. It doesn't take me a lot of time. At least it is much less time than the initial learning phase. I'm not poor either, I just figure why should I always pay full price when I don't have to? I have saved a ton. It has gotten so that CVS doesn't issue me those 30% off everything coupons anymore, Lol...or even 20%. The key is layering coupons. Sometimes you have to buy more to get the bigger discount too, which is counter-intuitive. I also shop online and get my stuff delivered to my house for free.

For example, I may get a CVS e-coupon in my email for $8 off a $40 purchase. There are other electronic coupons that you click on under the ExtraBucks tab online.  I go through all the coupons and see what is relevant to what I need, and activate them. CVS might have a coupon for $3 off $15 worth of pain relievers. Then there may be a manufacturers coupon I can activate from Tylenol for $2 off. Then their might be a way to earn ExtraBucks for purchasing xyz. When you see things overlapping, that's the best savings opportunity. Say for example, I buy the Tylenol and use another coupon for Advil. I get the $3 off my order plus the individual coupons off of each item, I will continue to shop likewise until I reach $40 so I can get the $8 off and the free begin to see the picture...I do make a habit of stocking up on things if its a good buy...for example, now I have enough pain reliever for the year probably. It's not like I'm not going to use it.

Anyway, it's an investment of time upfront, yes, but worth it if you can build new shopping habits so that you view shopping and saving differently...not to mention that it also pays to simultaneously use Rakuten or ibotta, etc. to get money back on some of the same items you just purchased. The key is looking for where "the stars align" and there is a sale, store coupon, manufacturer's coupon, store e-bucks, rebate ....all together. 🙂 Fun!!  I used to get my box of stuff and say to my sister...look at this...what do you think I paid for all of it?! And when I told her, she'd always be like, NO Way!!! 🙂   .....Have fun!

I used to do extreme couponing but it takes a lot of time & effort each week to keep it up. Yes, it is fun & you save a ton of money but you find yourself buying things that you don't use just because it is a super deal. I shared my hauls & was rarely keeping anything anymore so I gave it up.

I started with Walgreens. They have manufacturer coupons, Walgreen coupons & a monthly coupon book, plus their in-store sales. You can end up paying pennies for things if you are willing to buy in bulk. You have to be exact & read carefully or it messes up the entire deal.

You also need to get about 3-4 copies of Sunday's paper coupons. You will need a way to organize those. I used file folders. Usually by date published then follow the Krazy Coupon Lady for her lists on deals going on. That is the easiest way to start. Begin with one store like CVS or Walgreens with lots of in-store specials & extra $ off coupons. Check manufacturer websites for coupons on items that you use most often. Try requesting coupons when they are not offered or writing a review to prompt a mailing.

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