Does anyone know or is involved with Amazon KDP?  And do you have any good tips on how to get started for "passive" income opportunities?

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Old Skool Pop 

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Hi Old Skool Pop, 

I've published a number of books on Amazon KDP.

The first thing I would say is that setting your book up on Amazon KDP is the easy part.  Writing a good book that will sell well is the hard part. 

The best resource I've found in this area is 

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@MsKimberly I have heard some things about them from friends who have used them to publish their writings, and have even considered using them myself, but haven't researched them for myself.  I would like to publish several books I have written, and have even submitted one forty years ago to a regular publishing house. They said it was a good, solid book, but wasn't what they were looking for at the time. At that particular time, I felt it was rejection on a personal level and instead of me going ahead and submitting it elsewhere, I would continue to write and fill up folders and bindings with writings. Being much older now and knowing that writing is a tough business, I know that it's not personal when one receives rejection letters. It's a business decision. As for KDP, from all I've heard, my friend, I would use them.   Good luck.

@MsKimberly What genre are you considering in your writing? I write poetry, short stories, religious writing and I even write lyrics for music. Living here by Nashville, I've been asked by some up and coming singers and songwriters to write and collaborate in works. It's tempting. Right now I'm working on a book I've entitled "Dearing", a cross between a mystery and thriller. It's in it's early stages. I hope to get Christmas Creek, another short story finished and submitted to a publisher soon. I may self publish it and KDP might just be the way to go. Good luck with your writing career. If you ever would like someone to read or screen a writing, I'd be happy to help. Have a great evening,

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