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I mustache you a question, are you ready? Ready for some new boards? We have three new topics that are open and ready to hear your thoughts: Bank Accounts, Insurance and Entrepreneurship. Do you have any bank accounts that you love? How do you pick your insurance? Any entrepreneur advice? Let your voice be heard.

You can find these boards under the SHARE drop down menu. If you have any questions, please feel to reach out to Briana or myself.

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Awesome sauce! These are three great topics and I can't wait to join in the discussion and learn from other's experience in these areas.

I will probably be posting in the entrepreneurship and banking forums quite a bit, I have quite a few questions about insurance as well so looking forward to the discussions!

Insurance would be an interesting topic. I have had insurance though work for the last 25 ish years, and have noticed that in the last 5, man, has it gone downhill! I'm paying a lot more for A LOT less and its frustrating. My clients use the Marketplace, and in NH, there are very few choices.  

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