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I’ve kept my credit utilization low and pay my credit debt off early.  I received the following notification from credit card company:

Because the highest balance on this account has been significantly lower than your credit limit over the last two years, your credit limit has been decreased”.

I don’t use the card much because I get a better rewards from another card, and my overall available credit decrease can potentially effect me in the future.  Is there anything I can do about it?

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@Terry Bryant This happened to me several years ago with a Bank of America card. I called them and basically told them what you said in your post. They agreed to give me the original limit back right away. Granted, this was probably 2017-ish. Sometimes credit card companies slash limits when they're worried about an economic downturn, so it may not be quite as easy to get your limits restored now. But it's certainly worth a phone call if you haven't made one already.

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