Does any know  where I can invest  $500.00 to $800.00 for a guaranteed 10 percent return, please let me know. Recently I saw a company on line which paid 10% on any amount invested, but were not FDIC insured, but had good feed back from investors. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the online company. If any one knows the company please let me know. Thanks

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Anyone who offers "guaranteed" return on an investment would send red flags for me.

It is the nature of an investment to carry with it some form of risk.

I would be curious to know what company you came across though but would probably be very cautious even if they have good feedback as good feedback can be bought in today's day and age.

The only situation where I would say it would make sense to have a guaranteed amount of return would be in the case of a loan in which the terms were to pay the loan back with 10% interest.

While I have not come across any specific investment companies that pay 10% returns, I do know there are some Real Estate Investment Trusts that pay upwards of 7% returns for your money. Also, there are some high dividend paying stocks that can get you closer to the 10%.

Although the returns are not 10%, I recently found out about Uhaul's private investing club where you can invest in Uhaul by loaning them money that will give you between 3% and 5% returns depending on the length of the loan.

I would be interested to know of any other investment opportunities as I am always open to trying new things.

I would be suspicious of investors promoting 10% returns especially with a $500-800 investment.   Higher interest paying accounts usually require minimum investments of $10,000 +. The stock market average over many years is 6-7%, and that's been one of the highest rate of returns for many years, typically.

I have not heard of a company offering a 10% guarantee of return on investment, but it does not mean that it isn't out there. If you find it go for it, just do your research before investing.

My go to investments are dividend paying stocks like Costco, Exxon, Microsoft. ETF funds are great vehicles for market gains.

I think your best bet for steady income though would be in real estate. With the amount mentioned you should have enough to invest in Fundrise or purchase REIT stocks like O - Realty Income Corp.

Best of Luck!

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