I have heard of people who have done well investing in this.

However, it is not something I personally would invest in.

If you do plan to invest, I would recommend just doing some research to find out which companies are leading the market.

You can always take suggestions from others, but when it comes to investing, you really have to make the decision based on what you are comfortable with and makes sense to you as an investor.

I recommend using ETFDB for this type of research and then sort by AUM and avg volume. You'll want a very liquid ETF (high volume). I believe $MJ is the 'highest' in terms of AUM and avg volume.  Be aware of expense ratios on sector specific ETFs.


Once you've found a few, check out Morningstar for more research data and info.


It looks like marijuana is here to stay and more and more states appear to be legalizing it. I don't really see a problem investing in a company that services the cannabis industry.

If you do choose to invest in these companies I would recommend diversifying, because it is a young industry with a lot of volatility, but that also means there is a lot of opportunity for profit.

TRLY - Tilray
CGC - Canopy Growth Corp
CRON - Cronos Group

These are some big players in the industry to watch out for.

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