For the group members who are rocking it with profitable full and/or part-time businesses, you are probably well aware that keeping expenses as low as possible in your personal and professional lives has had the biggest impact on your success. This post may not be of much interest to you.

For the rest of us looking to attract more followers and/or clients and customers, I just want to offer a book suggestion, "Marketing Without Money" by author Nicholas E. Bade. The most recent publication date was 2005; however most of the information is as pertinent today as thirteen years ago. 

The inside flap quotes: This book is ideal for anyone trying to build a business on a tight budget. It's packed with 300 practical, proven ways to increase sales fast¬ówithout spending a lot of money. Best of all, you don't need any special skills or training. A few of the many topics include: FREE ways to win new customers fast. FREE promotions that increase traffic. How to get FREE media publicity. Where to find FREE marketing help. Tricks for sales brochures that really sell. Hot telemarketing and direct mail tips. How to tap the online goldmine and more!

I became aware of this title from my local library several years ago and ended up purchasing it for my "keeper" collection. 

What have been your most successful and profitable ways to share your products, services, information and/or passions with others?

Do you have a one minute "elevator speech" to concisely describe what you do and why you do it? Here's the thread to discuss the topic with like-minded group members.



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