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Has anyone had to deal with getting Medicare insurance? I’m coming up on retirement and have to decide on Plan B Plan G Medigap etc etc etc. It is a real racket. I thought Medicare advantage plans were good but then I read an article in investopedia that said the plans know how to get around all the regulations and end up charging you more if you get sick. So I said to myself well I guess I shouldn’t do that.

It also turns out that if you go on Medicare advantage and then stop when you get sick to go back to regular Medicare then Medigap charges you more money. I also went on the Medicare website and looked up Medigap. The Medicare website warned you that Medigap companies sell the same plan for vastly different amounts.

How in the world did our government decide to do this to us?  Why can’t we just get a cheap plan? Why do we have to play Russian Roulette?  I’m too old to move to Canada 

This is why I’m checking around with other people to see what kind of gotchas all the companies have. Not to mention that I have a two-year penalty for making more money than the average person over the last year. It’s a two-year penalty also because I’m not married. What !! do they think I saved any money? I’ll be just as broke as the next person  but I will be paying 450 a month for Medicare sheesh!


PS   Plan A is hospital stuff and is free    Remember to sign up for it at 65 even if you have other insurance. After you retire you need Plan B doctors Plan D drugs and Plan G Medigap because Medicare screws you over and doesn’t pay for everything while thumbing it’s nose at you. Medigap pays for the gap in funds. 

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I started Medicare Parts A and B but selected a supplemental (Medigap) plan as well in 2018. After speaking with other Medicare recipients and constant reading, I chose not to go with a Medicare Advantage plan (even though some of those were free and low cost) because number one, those were primarily HMO plans where doctors and hospitals were limited and you needed their permission to see specialists. That was not the way for me. If I need a specialist, and I often do, I need to go to them directly. Both plans have gone up, the Medicare incrementally, and the supplemental moreso.

I have done massive research and have listened to only the answers I have found through the research. If you want to skip the research there are wonderful companies out there that after meeting and discussing hypothetical needs, such as what drugs you take and want covered, they will then do the research for you and likely lead you to a Medicare Advantage plan. Personally I am in rather good health and couldn’t afford paying for yet another company to cover the 20% not covered by Medicare or the Medicare advantage plans. Do yourself a favor and work with someone who unbiasedly will help lead you to the perfect plan. I used a company called RetireMed iQ. 1-844-388-6565  They were wonderful.





Hi SHurley...have you made a decision yet? I have been on medicare since 2008 and have helped all my friends and neighbors with their choices. If you want I can give you some guidance  I'm just a person who used to have a benefits manager job but had to leave due to illness. I love helping people with health insurance choices. I'm not as6for anything in return NEVER WOULD. You can email me if you want [email protected] 

Thank you and God bless

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