I have bought my own home with my savings! I cannot stress this enough how happy I am. With happiness, I am completely underplaying my tight budget. Have to spend a week at my friends' wedding and buy a gift for her.

Then there is a home decoration. Lots to do.

Can you people suggest a gift for someone who I have not met for a long time?

Plus, with home decoration, I am going with a chic look, any suggestions to color coordinate? Oh, and I have a sleep disorder, as per my aunt, I should install circadian rhythm lighting. She has filled up my Chrome bookmark with the benefits of circadian rhythm lighting on eye strains and sleeps. Would it work?



Please, need suggestions and guidance.

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Congratulations on your home!! That's exciting and fun! Good luck decorating. I'm a huge fan of secondhand furniture, checked THOROUGHLY for bedbugs. (I work in housing, so I may be a bit paranoid about that.) 

I don't know anything about that lighting, but I have wicked insomnia and have ever since I was a child. I use blackout curtains and white noise, and a crazy strict schedule and and and... Some times it works. 

Hmm. A gift for someone you haven't seen in awhile? I have friends who live across the country, so I only see them once or twice a year. If I'm gifting them, I'll usually bring them something meaningful from wherever I'm living, or something I know they would like for sure. You could also gift an experience (e.g. travel, self care, etc). 

I love the idea of gifting them crafts or I can go with 'attention to details' approach and gift them something they mentioned liking, from her sis or friends? Needs lots of persuasion to do that.

KellyFromKeene posted:

Oh yes, how about a local gift- some craft or something that is unique to where you are? 

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