Service Scouts is a mystery shopping company that pays weekly. There are plenty of opportunities and various cities across the nation. There are phone shops you can do without leaving home or from any city. There are many sporting events such as NFL, NBA, MLB. MLH and more. There are concerts, plays, musicals, dinners, etc. Each game event provides you with two tickets (pick them up at will call by showing your ID) plus money for concessions and reimburses parking as well. You evaluate 8 people who work at the venue. Everyone knows how expensive professional games and concerts are so this is a great value. You complete a report which takes about an hour of your time in exchange for high-value tickets and food and parking to a game or other event.  There are many opportunities in many cities and they change with the seasons, for example, now baseball is winding down and hockey and football will start shortly.  This is by FAR the best mystery shopping company as far as what you get in return for your time on the report. I highly recommend signing up to be a scout. When signing up, it will ask why you would make a good scout. Sign up at and feel free to message me for more details. 

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Please beware of the mystery shopper scams I was just sent a check from a mystery shopper wrap for my car they wanted me to deposit this cashier check in my bank and it was for $4000 but something told me to call the bank that the cashier check was from I did FAKE so please beware there's alot of scammers out there

@Moore Income that would be great. I been really interested to get into that but don't know where to start or where would be a good point of entry to start without getting scammed. Def, looking forward to hearing your venture on this field. Please keep me post it when you have it available. Thanks in advance for taking the time to do it.

Here are a few legit companies that I have been shopping for years and they are 100 percent legit. Of course which is my personal favorite as they do sporting events and pay weekly. These are very high value shops. 

A Closer Look- They do restaurants and a few other things like retail and some low end hotels, however they work on a scale so you will see lower end shops like diners until you do a few reports and they see you have good writing skills, then you get offered better shops. You are reimbursed for purchases but rarely paid anything on top of that but still, if its a nice dinner its worth a report!

MarketForce-This is a great place to start shopping. They do fast food shops and they are very quick and easy.  They also give a small payment on top of reimbursement such as $5

Intellishop-Another good starter company. They do stuff like pizza shops and oil changes. Its always great to get a free oil change!

These will get you started and other than that, join any mystery shopping board on FB and there are schedulers on those boards that post their jobs non stop looking for shoppers and some even offer bonuses! Just search mystery shopping groups on FB. A few I can think of right off the bat are Mystery Shoppers Unite!, mystery shopping resources and mystery shopping and market research discussion group. This will also introduce you to many more companies and their schedulers who are in charge of assigning the shops. Often, if you do a hard to fill shop for them they will reward you with a more coveted shop such as a concert or luxury dinner shop, etc. I hope this helps get you started in the right direction and happy shopping! 

There are definitely legitimate mystery shopping companies out there. I've done mystery shopping since around 1998 (my first shop was at Kroger) with Secret Shopper called Sites on Service or a similar-sounding name). With them, you get paid on the 20th of the following month you did the job.  In 2017, I started with Best Mark and like that they pay every 2 weeks. I signed up a few weeks ago for Coyle Hospitality (mostly hotel shops) but haven't yet done any work for them. I may not stick it with them. When I was working full-time, I liked picking up a shop or two. Now that I'm semi-retired and do freelance work at home, I still do some shops. I have two this week; one today (Sunday) at Best Buy ($11.50), and another Tuesday at an auto key shop ($20). I average around $15-20 a shop, but it depends on the shop. When I'm unable to go out and phone shops are available, I do those for $3 to $7. It is not a lot of money but there are perks. There was a period of about 12 months where I got my car oil changes for free + the shop fee, and it was the dealership where I bought my 13-year-old car. I like the variety of restaurants and you can take a guest (Maggiano’s, Logan's Roadhouse, for e.g.), Lowes, banks, the place where you buy medical scrubs, all types. Did a shop for a Google shop, called B8TA (Beta), where they have new technology a couple of weeks ago. Give it a shot. It's fun or maybe it makes me feel like an actor (go figure).

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Mystery shopping be great as a side job for me. How do you find other companies that are legitimate? So many I see want money up front and don’t deliver. 

I've done legit jobs for (and gotten paid every time) & ….just sign up & check email often. They do have certain pay periods though. It will explain during sign up, but they DO pay...good luck.

Wyatt Gardner, just go to the various links people have posted here. Open them and see what you have to do. They're pretty easy to fill out. Now, when I started with Secret Shopper back in the late 90s, I read about it in a women's magazine and just completed an application. When I applied to Best Mark in 2017, it was from a job site that listed it.

I will take a look at Service Scouts next. I like to write up the reports after my shops but from what I can see, Coyle Hospitality has entirely too much detail requested on its shops. They have very specific guides for formatting, for example.

@Wyatt Gardner as @sthom mentioned, you pretty much just have to go to the links an apply.

Sometimes, applying for different companies can take a bit of time and they sometimes ask quite a few questions but just fill them out honestly and you should be fine. I have only been rejected once because I didn't finish the application process.

I have signed up for about 8 different companies in the past two days. Looking forward to trying them out.

The nice thing about mystery shopping is you can do it anywhere, so my wife and I will be able to earn some money and get some free meals from time to time.

@Moore Income Yes, indeed, the free meals are fun. I've done shops in another state (MS) when I knew I'd be heading there: a fitness club shop and a Ryan's (buffet) shop with my late mother. Secret Shopper will let you access/sign up for other states as well. You should look at Coyle Hospitality...they seem to have lots of hotel shops. That'd be nice for you and your wife. I've signed up with them and am receiving shop notices, but still haven't performed one yet. I had a Trader Joe's shop scheduled for today (Best Mark) but I had to cancel due to illness.

@sthom Coyle was actually one of the ones I signed up for the other day. Thanks for suggesting it though.

A lot of the companies I signed up for don't have a lot of shops in my current area, but doing a little bit of research, there are plenty in different areas so I should be able to stay pretty busy and earn some extra money/free meals while on the road!

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