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My husband writes poetry. He loves this and wants to make a business out of it. He has a website: He has some poems up there now but has written many more he just has to post. He want to write personized poems for special events in peoples life. We need your help to find out how much people might pay for this:

Here are some prices I have come up with for the poems. Price of poems are based on 10 to 12 lines of poem.

Are they reasonable?

Are they to high?

Are they to low?

If you want a personalized poem emailed only $20.00

If you want the personalized poem snail mailed in a greeting card format $30.00

If you want the personalized poem on the top of my homepage $60.00/week 

If you want the personalized poem anywhere else on the homepage $30.00/week

If you want the personalized poem on your own dedicated page within my website $100.00/week

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Sounds like your husband has a great way to earn some extra money. I have written a few poems here and there in my life but have never thought about selling poems.

As far as the pricing goes, it is going to depend on who you market to. Not everyone I know would be willing to pay for a poem but if you find the right market, you will be able to adjust your prices accordingly.

Like I said, I am not experienced in writing poems, but when it comes to writing or providing any creative service, one helpful thing I have learned is never to undercut yourself.

Your time is valuable and while not everyone will appreciate it enough to pay the price you expect, you never want to go so cheap that you undervalue your work.

I wish you the best in your endeavor!

BeckAtsila posted:

I would check out as it covers this issue admirably.  It also has leads on poetry contests and publishers.  Checking the 2019 edition out at the library is free, but getting the leads on who is buying what and when has a small fee that you can easily recoup by writing.

Thank you. I have looked at the website and will let him know about it. 

Writers Market and joining a group that supports poetry sales/publishing leads like Upwork, the genre's top freelancing site could be very successful for you. I have freelanced poetry for weddings, baby christenings, funeral service programs, anniversaries, etc. for over 40 years. It is one of the most gratifying writing experiences I have had in my writing career. Try to build up a following by doing a Live reading perhaps once a week, same time, same station. If you get only a few followers at first, stay at it. Poetry lovers historically congregate and inspire each other. Get that first small poetry handbook self published and put it up for sale in your website. To have a wife who gets out front to promote your poetry is already a win win. Wifey, help your husband build his "brand" of personalized poetry. During these troubled times, poetry is a cushion of comfort and closeness.

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