First of all, I want to say welcome to all of our new members and to our new announcements thread! This thread (that you're in right now) is for The Penny Hoarder to communicate new announcements, feature releases and more updates about the community. This will help keep you in-the-know on the latest news! 

We want every single member to get the most out of this new community - find answers to important financial questions, share expertise with all kinds of financial topics, share your financial journeys and more - so we're excited to roll out a few more threads to inspire community participation. 

Here are a few other new threads you can look forward to: 


We've seen a need to introduce an investment thread so all members can discuss first-time investing, what to invest in, personal investing experiences and more. 

Book Club 

This thread is all about discussing your favorite financial books, mantras, and financial experts! What motivates you? What reading are you currently doing or what books have helped you with your journey? Share them! 

If you have any other suggestions for threads or any suggestions for The Penny Hoarder in general, remember to drop them in the "Think Bank" thread. 

I enjoy reading up on building communities, LOTR marathons, ocean conservation efforts (such as volunteering), and playing with my puppy Thor. 


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This is great! All of the new threads are great topics and I look forward to learning more about all the new topics!

So glad I discovered the Penny hoarder. I've taken your great financial advice as well as other ideas you posted and shared with many people. Keep up the fantastic work.

I'm so glad I came across Penny Hoarder as a single mother to a teenager it has helped me find not only myself but my 27yr old teen ways to make cash..thks..

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