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        Hello ,,, I Am Johnny Cash ,,, no not really I have just always wanted to say that. on a more serious note , MY Name is Raymond  Justman .  I am a 59 year young man seeking ways to create an income to support my family. I used to work jobs for 10-12  hours a day  that required  heavy lifting, bending, walking, all while wearing steel toed boots safety glasses ,a vest , etc.... And then the ACCIDENT , it was a freak accident No One is really to Blame . except perhaps the owner of the screwdriver, but who would that be ? any way I came across this site while browsing the internet looking for ways to make money without spending money.  I need to Support my Family.  thank you for letting Join and be a Part of something.

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Thank you all for welcoming me in the community. And to answer the question above from will S , i have always enjoyed fixing things , if i cannot fix it correctly and safely without spending money on parts , i might take whatever it is and make something else out if it ,that could be useful . Or if nothing comes to mind strip it down and put into inventory for when i need a certain piece , bolt , nut , switch , try to use whatever is there for something . I would like to invent something someday .

Well funny thing for you to mention that . I certainly wouldn’t mind landing a maintenance job at an apartment complex or  houses  . but i don’t know much ,nor do i care  to about carpet . Except for the fact it is heavier than i want to deal with . And i am not Certified in anything . I can do the same work safely . And i was using marketplace quite frequently before i my car refused to work anymore regardless how much attention i gave it . She was high maintenance but i am not a magician . There are some things that cannot be fixed . But if i had land to park it on , may have been different, i could have saved up and got her a new engine , probably would have . But it is what it is. No wheels at the moment  would make my tools all the heavier toting them by hand . But yes i was using marketplace and fixing things . In fact i have a pet hair dryer i picked up , rewired the short it had in it . I would gladly sell it to make space .there is not a big market for those though. Could be used for other things like defrosting the freezers , warming a small area ,has a stand with wheels and a flexible hose on a telescopic pole .it is the only one i have ever seen ,but it takes up space that’s for sure

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