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Hey all - happy new year!!! Curious if you guys had any:

Savings goals?
Revenue goals?
Net worth goals?

That you're targeting by the end of this 2022? For me personally, I'm hoping to cross the 1 mill net worth this year and hopefully increase my revenue by 4X.

What about you guys?

Currently trying to replace my mid-6 figure job with a side hustle. Read about my adventures at

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This year I plan on being realistic about how much I can save. I usually start out wanting to save $100.00 a month. However, I've accepted the fact I just can not do it. I pay all bills off every month so there is never $100.00 left at the end of the month.  I can save $100.00 but always end up borrowing from myself . This year I'm starting at saving ( auto) $20.00 a month. Hopefully I should stop frustrating myself. 

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