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Is anyone doing the no spend challenge?  I would like to challenge everyone in the month of January to a no spend challenge with me!  I have never tried this and am curious how much money I can actually save in one month if I commit to this. Let’s hold each other accountable!!  
If you’ve done this before, please give me a little more insight on what you did and how much you saved. This should be interesting!!  😁

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@Debi Hoyt, congrats on your commitment to do a no-spend challenge! Making that conscious effort to pause spending for a month can definitely boost your savings.

Did you know that there are multiple ways to do a no-spend challenge? I wrote about it here:

This year, I tracked my no-spend days rather than vowing to do a whole no-spend month. My average has been about 19 no-spend days each month, and I've managed to save about a quarter of my net income.

Having a savings goal to fuel your no-spend challenge definitely helps. That way, you won't go crazy in February buying all the things you wanted to purchase in January but couldn't.

Good luck!

This was a great test for me everyone this how I know that I am stil living paycheck to paycheck  I can not afford not to use my paycheck as yet so I need to build a month of saving before I can join you, perhaps next year In the mean time let's make this year count, everyone who knows me will tell you that this year let's have a secret friend yourself , do something special for you , ok to all of you that is doing this let me tell you what I did for me I bought  me jewelry , bought me a bedroom set , so lets  continue to do something nice for ourselves each week Happy Holiday Chantal Voltaire

I'm so happy so many are joining me in this no spend challenge! 

PLEASE, share your successes, challenges, and fails with me. 

January 4th is my day 1.  Just got home from out of town last night.  Forgot about doing this.  Went to Sonic for breakfast.  Not a good start. 🙁  BUT, for lunch, instead of grabbing something on the go as usual, I made myself lunch with what I already had here at home.  So far, 1 fail, 1 success.  Off to a rocky start.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day.  🙂


I challenged, by myself last year, to put into savings $100 a month, auto deducted from my monthly income check auto-deposit - it worked great and I hape some pricey car

repairs, and I easily had the money.  Now I am excited to do even better. Still the monthly deduction, and I'm going to do 2 things to eradicate my credit card debt, which overall is $4000.  I have dedicated every other month as NO SPEND - so Jan,

Mar, May, July, Sept, Oct 2021. I know I have dedicated expenses in Nov, Dec 2021

The 2nd things I will do, is to put every $5 bill I get as change in a specific place, not to spend until 2022, or to put in Savings avery month so I'm not tempted! I've really worked on my impulsive shopping, and I've made better choices this whole traumatic year. I support everyone else to do what they can do. The feeling of ease of having enough money this year to handle the car problems sold me.  I wish everyone a wonderful prosperous year 2021- BYE!

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