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Esacpe by Anik Singal Comments by Jon from Moore Income Blog

I was reading a book yesterday, eSCAPE by Anik Singal.

In the book, he talks about how many people refuse to try something because of their fear of failure.

He goes on to say that by failing to try, they have already failed and actually the odds would be better if they simply gave it a shot.

This is especially true when it comes to financial fitness and creating a better financial future. Many people won't even start the journey because they fear it will be too difficult.

But if you think about it, (got this from the book) even if your odds of succeeding are just 1%, those odds are still much better than if you don't even try or start in the first place.

If you don't even try though your odds go from 1% to 0% thus making your odds of success much higher even at just 1%!

The fear of failure that many times keeps us from doing something is actually causing us to fail before we even start!

I know this is something I personally need a constant reminder of.

It is so easy sometimes to just not even try something because it doesn't look like it will be successful, but the only way to find out is to try.

If I try and it doesn't work out, I will have learned a valuable lesson.

If I choose not to start and try at all, I have FAILED.

Hope someone finds this helpful as I did. Would love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Esacpe by Anik Singal Comments by Jon from Moore Income Blog
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Actually I look at things a bit differently in regards to this subject although I do agree that not stepping out isn't beneficial in any endeavor (not just financially).

My take is that it's a given that anyone who takes on something new (whatever it may be) is going to make mistakes.  You fail only when you do not learn from those mistakes. How many times did Edison try before success.  He looked at all those efforts as opportunities to learn better ways to make a lightbulb.  And now the whole world has benefitted. 

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