Was reading AARP eletter this morning and discovered a great source of free on-line learning classes.  I had no idea how many subjects and classes were available to us! 

It appears one of the best sources to discover what is available is through Class Central, though I've not used them, merely sharing AARP's info on one of the largest websites to find free classes.

This link from Class Central offers search options for some of the more popular sources for free learning.


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There are lots of great resources online nowadays to learn about nearly any topic imaginable. And it is crazy how much of it is available for free or little cost.

I personally like taking courses on Udemy.com, they sell courses on many different topics and usually run sales where most of their courses are only $10-$15.

I also use their search filters and select "free" to find no cost courses on many different topics.

@sthom That's awesome! Yeah they have quite a bit of helpful information and they have a lot of free or really cheap courses!

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