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A few months ago i got into using the Dollar General and Family Dollar apps for their digital coupons. The main items that i seek are household items such as laundry detergent and fabric softener. I would only buy the items if they were less than $3 after using the coupons. I thought this was a good idea to load up while i can get them for cheaper than their regular non-sale price. Is it a good idea to load up certain household items for a cheap price even though you may not necessarily need them? 

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I stockpile dry goods such as toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, dish detergent because we go through those items quickly with 5 in our household.

The only other items I will stockpile are toiletries such as toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner because I almost always get these for FREE with coupons or in the mail!

Taking advantage of these coupons and buying in bulk can be helpful, especially when it comes to some of the items mentioned.

However, I always try to be on the lookout in case the "deals" that are being promoted are not really a good deal. Sometimes stores know how to package things in a way as to make them seem like a good deal when really you are getting it for average price or in the worse case actually paying more.

I know for example a lot of dollar stores like to package products in smaller portions and then sell them at "cheaper" prices but when you look deeper, they are charging you the same amount as you would pay for that amount in bigger packaging. And when they package these as a "deal" a lot of times they end up being about the same thing.

If you have done your research and found it to be a good deal, than buying in bulk can save you not only money but also time and gas.

Toiletries are one item my wife and I tend to stock up on because you can get a good deal for buying in bulk and they will last a long time.

Costco is my preferred place to purchase items in bulk.

KellyFromKeene posted:

@FreebiePharm and @Bonnie Squires, where do you find the great coupons for hair products? That's my thing that I dont skimp on and I do budget for it,  but I do make what I have last... But I'd love to cut back on that line item!

@KellyFromKeene I mainly coupon CVS now. I don't have much time to clip coupons so I use their digital coupons and printed ones from the red machine. You can combine manufacturer with store coupons and I typically get the items free. I also follow KrazyCouponLady for up to date info. on deals and freebies or moneymakers!


@FreebiePharm and @Bonnie Squires, where do you find the great coupons for hair products? That's my thing that I dont skimp on and I do budget for it,  but I do make what I have last... But I'd love to cut back on that line item!

I use coupons if i can find them for coconut shampoo or vo5
when they are on sale at our Dollar general or Walmart. My daughter
and I are not to picky about shampoo. Our older son has to have Axe
every thing,some i can't stand the smell of. lol But there one that comes
out at Christmas time he really likes and usually after Christmas they have
therm on sale and instead of pay $10 bucks or more he get them half price
to 9 percent off 

I LLOOVVEE COUPONS!!  That being said, I will only coupons for items that we will actually use or that are 100% free that I can donate.  I will have a couple to a few stockpiled away depending on the item.  I don't have a bunker like basements stockpiled like on TLC's Extreme Couponers, I only stockpile what I can store, unless the item is free & won't be free again for a long time.   Once you know your prices & your stores' sale cycles, you can really find the deals.  Check the clearance sections of stores too, usually you can use your coupons on top of the clearance prices.

I have heard that CVS & Dollar General have great digital coupons (unfortunately we don't have them in Canada).  A couple of local grocery chains have just started loading coupons onto their apps, before their apps were just the loyalty card you scanned.  Our coupons don't scan here either, the cashiers have to ring them in manually.

**This morning I needed milk & walked down to the local drug store, I found a carton of Nestea on sale for $2 with a $3 off coupon, they paid me to take it out of the store!  It isn't something I would normally purchase but my kids will be so excited for a treat!

I love couponing at Family Dollar and CVS. I love digital coupons. CVS has started sending 30 percent coupons to me by mail. I stack those with digital and paper coupons along CVS store coupons. I coupon for my daughter as well. I have a stockpile and give items as gifts. I made a gift basket for a housewarming party, and giving away another for a friend's birthday.  20190609_13472720190607_10244020190607_102506


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