I've been considering purchasing pet insurance for my 2yr old puppy. Is it worth the cost and can anyone recommend a site where you can price compare? Much appreciated! 

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MEGANC1041 this is a good questions. I've tried for
a credit card for pets. Its just pays for the bills and
if I remember rite they start out with a line of credit
$200 or $300. I think it called care pet not sure. 

I don't personally own any pets but my family has in the past and I know that owning a dog can be costly and I can see how it would be wise to have insurance for them.

MOORE INCOME they sure can be costly. just for 3 dogs cost
me over $100 bucks. 1 got sick the other 2 had to have shots
but they needed an extra 1 i didn't no about so it cost more money.
But i wouldn't trade them for the world

I don't have any pets that require insurance(only fish) but i can remember how costly it was for my dog when i was younger. It can definitely help you in the long run. 

I'll agree that it can be expensive or, in my case, hard to find--I have rats and only one company covers exotic pets (Nationwide).  But I've found that it can definitely come in handy--I had one rat who was prone to tumors.  You might also want to look into CareCredit, which is a credit card for medical, dental, vision, and vet expenses.  It's saved me more times than I can count.

I have found the pet insurance runs approximately $25-$75 monthly which for me is not feasible considering my disability income. 

I have Trupanion Pet Insurance.  I have a Border Collie and he is a very active dog.  So I thought I better have Insurance on him because it is just a matter of time when he will need it.  Well, he is going to be 3yrs old have not needed it but just knowing it is there in the case is assuring for me.  Does anyone else out there have Trupanion?


My cat hAd an emergency trip to the 24/7 pet hospital and In order for them to see her I first had to apply for “care credit” card.   I now have a $500.00 vet pet bill which I am told the terms and interest rate vary from person to person and the doctor or vet is the one that sets the terms so I have 18 months to pay it off .  I don’t know what the interest will be after that. I’m 55 years old and just started my emergency fund which is only $170.00 to date should I put it all towards  the vet bill?   I inquired about other emergency fund nonprofit no interest type loans there are none I’m told. W2 Just arrived in the mail $8100 all of last year disability my only income and he suggestions please?

I believe that Care Credit card you can also use it.  It is not only for animals.  It is a promotional card that is interest free but you have to pay what the amount is set at every month and do not miss a month or I believe the amount will be due plus all the interest. I would pay what they want every month.    Trupanion (pet Insurance) I pay $63.80 a month.   Animals and humans same costs for treatments.  Very expensive.

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