There will be some positives that come from this crisis, can you foresee some of them? 

If plan A fails, remember there are 25 more letters in the alphabet. --Chris Guillebeau

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@mintjulep One would be that people are able to use this time in isolation to learn new things. That's going to be hard to do at a time of so much money stress, particularly for those who have lost jobs, but perhaps it will be more possible if assistance comes as quickly as possible.

Another would be if recovery happens relatively quickly but more people come out of this with a renewed commitment to saving for emergencies and living frugally.

I guess the thing I'd like for people to take away from this is that we stop being so judgmental toward people who wind up in a tough spot financially. For example, a lot of people wind up with credit card debt because it was the least terrible option, and others are very quick to judge them. The point is that a lot of people end up struggling due to circumstances they can't control, as is happening right now. If we can emerge from this crisis with a little more compassion for one another, I'd consider that a positive.

I'd love to hear what others think here!

It may be a repeat, but the staying in and being around our own families and using our time to connect with loved ones via phone is a benefit.

Children and pets are happy because their parents are with them!

The house cleaning benefits are working out pretty good too! (one of the "breaks" I take while working from home right now, is alternating work with a small organizing task during my walk away from the laptop time).

Using up pantry food for my lunches, is a good way to stretch the fresher foods out and not have to go to grocery store.

Take care, newly at-home parents, we are proud of you surviving the sudden shift and the ups and downs of working at home with an audience!

I'm amazed at the ingenuity I see, especially from those who are facing a huge struggle. The restaurants that seemingly overnight went to carry out because of social distancing, the school teachers, in a matter of days, learning to do online teaching and getting the necessary equipment out to their students who did not possess it, my own bank set aside an appointment time for me for something important and we conducted it at the drive thru window very successfully.

Every day I see something unique and amazing to beat back the beast!  We are a remarkable society in many ways.

The positive is the adaptability and use of resources. When faced with difficult times, people learn to use less and spend wisely. A lesson in preparation and not to take things for granted.

Mintjulep, that is a terrific story! kudos to your bank for an excellent customer service idea!

To avoid the virus spread, instead of driving 2 hrs, gas and toll $, missing a day's pay, my husbands follow up doctors appt was done by telephone on a 3 way call. We actually conversed with the doc for an hour.  Feeling more at ease and not rushed, we were able to touch base on more topics of concern. I would like to see this type of appointments to continue, at least having this option available..

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