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I been noticing that prices are rising on just about everything.   School supplies are so high its pretty scary 😬.   The toiletries and disinfectants are outrageously priced also.  How are we suppose to keep up??  I feel that the government should send out more stimulus checks to keep our economy alive.   What do you all think??20200418_215614


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@lori wulff I feel you on this one! I'm saving money by not going out much, but I feel like all that money is going directly to the grocery store. A lot of those rising prices is the result of all the disruptions to the supply side of things from coronavirus. For example, a lot of factories had to close temporarily because so many workers were sick.

Most Americans want another stimulus check, and most lawmakers on both sides want one too. But so far, it's been held up because no one can agree on a bigger relief bill. 

I've not gotten the first stimulus as I fall into the crack as 'married separate filer' which provided my husband with his check and I am the lucky one who gets to wait until I file 2021 taxes to get stimulus money.  

I'm opposed to more stimulus money and I'm fully aware that my opinion isn't shared by the masses.  First example, you are retired and receive money social security... you did not lose a job and did not loose or have a reduction to your income.... second example, you are on state assistance, they sent your children home from school to virtual learn.... your state assistance didn't go away and your food stamps increased and have remained higher than normal due to your children being home.....   

Most people have had less expenses who were truly affected by covid.... less transportation (gas, maintenance, ect) as lost job or work at home, no way to get outside entertainment (no movies, no restaurant meals, ect...),  and less overall shopping as everyone should have limited in-store shopping ...

True stimulus should benefit all ADULTS regardless of income.  Stimulus should not be for children as children are NOT wage earners... yes, the 14 year old who babysits  earns money, but is a DEPENDENT.

I'm fortunate that I have always planned for lean times and have a stocked pantry. 


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