I am curious, if there is anyone as of today who collects SSDI and they get their benefits through Direct Deposit & was not required to file a tax return for 2018 & 2019 that still have not received their Stimulas Payment? Your responses would be of great help. 

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I know of 2 that did.. N they r expecting them to go out to them in the mail also they have said they sent ALOT out through mail bc way too many people that get that messed up and froze their whole system up.. It took them awhile to fix so just expect it through mail and you'll also get a letter through the mail afterwards n it will tell you where and when your money was sent to you!

Does the IRS do the direct deposit for the stimulus just on certain days of the week. I get disability and can't seem to get an answer from anywhere. Thanks and be safe everyone

All stimulus checks were sent via snail mail Or if the individual had ever setup a direct deposit with the SSDI system was deposited into that account. If you worked AT ALL during 2018 or 2019 where they gave you a paystub that might cause a slowdown.

https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/get-my-payment  check the status of your payment first.   If it gives you a msg that Doesn't give you a date it will be mailed or deposited go back to this site. Scroll down and there is a bullet  DIDN'T FILE A RETURN IN 2018 or 2019    Go into that link and go to the bottom and proceed. I know it all feels invasive but if you want the money you have to play the game.

I know this reply is a bit late, however, I have yet to encounter anyone that had the experience I did with receiving a check.  I have been on SSDI since 2006 and my check has been automatically deposited to the same account since the first payment. I have not filed a Federal Return since my husband passed in 2011. When they said those receiving SSI and SSDI checks automatically deposited into accounts, that is where they would receive their Stimulus Check, I figured that is where mine would be sent.  WRONG!  I was completely surprised when I found my check in my mailbox.  I did not understand why although I was happy to finally see one! I drove to the bank and tried to deposit it through the ATM.  WRONG! A notice came up on the monitor stating there was a problem with the check and it was probably a forgery.  I pulled away from the ATM and into a drive-up lane.  I explained to the Teller that I had tried to deposit the check and the message I had received.  She said they would look at it and I said Wonderful!  She came back and said there was no problem that they could find and would I like to deposit it?  YES!  Then she  begins the process and walks away and comes back with another person, and another person comes over, now I am wondering "what now?"  She tells me "I have never seen this before, nor has anyone else here".  All I could do is laugh, I had no idea what she was going to tell me, however, if it was happening to me, I knew it was going to be unusual!  I just roll that way.  I will preface this by saying that I have excellent credit, no bankruptcies, no late payments, no Liens, etc. As far as I have been able to find I am the only one that for some unknown, unexplainable, unbelievable reason and with no warning at all I was told by my Bank "The Issuing Bank Has Ordered A 7 Day Hold On The Funds". (ISSUING BANK?? IT'S THE FREAKING FEDERAL GOVERNMENT)  It ended up being an 11-day hold before the "Issuing Bank" released the Funds  To this day I have no idea why there was a hold on the funds or why it was not directly deposited into my account.







That is insane. And ironically, you are not the first person that I heard of this happening too. I heard of many having issues depositing their paper check through the ATM, but when they went inside their bank, everything was fine. I never heard of the hold, especially for a check signed by his truly. Sorry, I am not a Trump supporter. I also have heard of a lot of people not getting it direct deposited into their account, as stated. I, too, am on SSDI and have been since 2007. Let me just say, my anxiety level was through the roof because of this **** $1200 stimulas check. You would think I was waiting for a million dollars. However, I eventually did receive mine direct deposited. I didn't receive it until around May 22. Everyone I knew that was on SSDI received theirs at the end of April. This entire stimulas check process was handled terribly. People were receiving 2 checks and even dead  people were receiving checks. Some have yet to receive theirs because they are still waiting for it to be mailed. 

I'm on SSDI ..and didn't file ..of course I'm married.and I recently told hubby since we both are on SSI ( retirement for him)  myself disabled and other medical issues.

I told my husband even know we didnt make enough .to file ..go online and still fill out forms for us to get stimulus ..

He did this ..and Since the I.R.S has our address .our check was mailed to us.

As of May actually ..

Hope this helps for all that had questions .


I collect SSDI and received stimulus months ago. Months after the deposit they sent me a notice stating congratulations, it has been determined that I qualified for a stimulus payment in the first place. SSDI income is hard to live on. Real hard. Fortunately I am very disabled and very poor so folks make sure I am taken care of. I can honestly say the disabled should be cared for. Particularly if injured in the service of others. You should have received this payment by now. Because my dad is 100% disabled and retired army and the Gov't has to pay for his entire life as it is they chose to keep his stimulus money, which really is a joke amount to begin with. Color me disgusted. 

I can agree at times.. I'm Very disabled.i shouldn't even be this way..for 1 my Father was in Vietnam and handle Agent Orange. From learning this.no have so many medical issues.i shouldn't even have .since I'm not in my 60s and for me it started when I was 20 years old..Recently I was diagnosed with A Rare Form of Blood Cancer.and this was just unreal for me..because I was told men get this and in their 60s.

So again.its another medical issue.Yes I agree ..S.S.D.I doesn't hardly pay anything.and this what breaks down for me.it pays my rent and nothing more.no insurance for my car .or cellular bills.electric or water bills..nothing ..just 1 income every month.and you can not get help with local human services eighter.No cash assistance..I can get SNAP..( food stamps )  also Medicaid.but Honestly .its hardly nothing to live on. That's to an extreme budgeting.. And to really understand all this for me..i wasn't injured in the job.or in a car accident ..i have Neuropathy issues like my father.getting to the point where I'm loosing feeling in my right arm.I have Disk Dengrentive Disease.my ..inbewteen my disk .Theres no jelly no nothing ..bone on bone.Burtisis in Right arm .for having early Arthrist and I shouldn't have this.my legs and feet turn purple if I sit or stand to much. My nerves are about damaged..i had a muscle test with huge metal rods.i'm not showing reflexes in my legs at all. And to top it off I have umbical hernia .. So as I now see it..Yes I believe it's from when my dad was in Vietnam.and my god .. I'm only 48 years old..i loss all of my teeth before I was 18 years old due to Calicum defency disease.So I see your points..

And with all of this I get severe Migraine headaches I have never had so many issues .but now since I might get. S.S.D.I.. Doesn't hardly pay anything...

And I get the a small amount..since my Father still living ..Exposed to agent Orange and his medical is more than I have ..but seems I'm right up there also..because I never claimed any medical due to Agent Orange..I didn't think I would get. Due to my medical is close to what my father has.that I was his dependant..but now an adult with my own kids..so I believe what my father has gotten does move through Children and Grandkids too.

Because like I said ..i shouldn't have any of these issues yet..because I'm not in my 60's yet..

I feel for you Kristina because I see my self falling a part medically ..

So hard for me also






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