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I just discovered an excellent book about passive income by Gundi Gabrielle.  I was skeptical of all the five-star reviews and while the one-star reviews do have some merit, they're the minority.  The book takes you through the nuts and bolts of setting up a passive income stream, some of which require no capital and little energy, and some of which require a lot of capital and a lot of start-up energy.  The book is cheap and worth a look, and can be bought as part of a series. I decided after reading the book to try self-publishing on Kindle Direct and to design T-shirts.  While some of the passive income strategies, such as affiliate links and blogging, are well-known, there are others that you might not have considered, such as stock videos and courses.  Gabirelle makes it seem easy, but warns you that it isn't. She links to a lot of courses done by people who've made it big, so if you don't like advertising, this book is not for you.  Anyway, I got it for free due to Amazon credit, but I would have paid the seven bucks for the series anyway. I'll let you know what I think of her books on how to become an Influencer and on Kindle publishing.

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I believe I have a course that would be popular but don’t have understanding as of yet what delivery options are best. 


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Sounds like a good book to have. Anythings that shares ideas to help you generate extra income is a good resource.

What is the name of the book @BeckAtsila?

I see this post is from July of 2019 so since that time, have you earned any passive income since reading this book? I have slowly ventured into passive income mostly through social media influencing and cash back rewards apps, but would like to increase my passive income. I am currently only earning about $200-500 monthly. Just wondering if this book is worth the read?

I've had some luck, but coronavirus has thrown me for a loop.  I run a subscription box service for pet rats and can't get supplies and my customers can't pay the fee.  Maybe once things reopen it'll change.  I'm also working on a new e-book--I never thought I'd have this much time to write!

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