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Please clarify this relief bill that recently passed in the area of what to expect if you are laid off and what you will receive.  I keep hearing some hourly rate in excess of 23+ an hour that people in Congress or will they pay you the rate you are receiving from your job. Will this amount be in the unemployment our hospital has told us to file with here in Ohio. Any clarification will be greatly appreciated as we are trying to make some kind of budget for living expenses and meeting our financial responsibilities so our credit doesn’t suffer.


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Hey @Corey. Here is my best guess on where that $23+ is coming from: When the Senate was debating the relief bill, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham was one of four Senators who objected to some of the changes to unemployment. He said that in South Carolina, the unemployment benefit would be the equivalent of $23.15 an hour for someone who works a 40-hour work week. Here's how the math breaks down:

$23.15 x 40 = $926

$600 federal unemployment benefit + $326 max unemployment benefit in SC = $926

Since you live in Ohio, the maximum benefit would be:
$600 federal unemployment benefit + $424 max unemployment benefit in Ohio = $1,024

But keep in mind, this is the MOST one person would be able to receive in Ohio. I don't know what your actual benefit will be. Also, your weekly unemployment benefit can't be more than you were making per week while you were still working.

You'll have to apply through the Ohio unemployment office to find out the amount of your actual benefit.

The good news is that the bill allows a lot of people who wouldn't otherwise qualify for unemployment to get benefits. The bad news is that so many people are applying for unemployment right now that it's really REALLY hard to get through to state offices.

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